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August 12, 2021
Lazy Load ImagesYou are probably wondering what I mean here unless you have already discovered this feature in aiosoe. I was pleasantly surprised to read about this and will certainly give it a try.Using Lazy Load Images, gives your visitors the chance to look at what is on your site but not having to wait for the entire page to load first.As the use of Lazy Load Images lets images on your website to load only when they can be seen on the screen of your visitors, this allows site performance to
August 07, 2021
A while ago I shared a post with you and mentioned my dad and how he had been told that there was nothing more they could do for him because his cancer had spread and was aggressive.On the 26th May 2021, I had to say goodbye to my poor dad as he lost his battle with the cancer. As he was my biggest influence and my rock, I have decided to share some quotes about the bond between dads and their daughter's.I know there will be a lot of dads and daughters here within this great community that will
Just a short blog to wish all my US friends here within WA, a fantastic Independence DayI hope you have all made good plans to celebrate your independence. This day always reminds me of the story of the Musical Hamilton. A great musical and a history lesson in one.I only have one thing to say though and it is very tongue in cheek fashion, just remember you used to belong to us here in the UK but we let you go lol. Well everyone, have a great time with family and friends and hopefully there won'
April 05, 2021
I am currently in the process of giving my website a major revamp which was well needed. Hence the reason I have not been posting regularly.I am happy at how it is looking now and that I took the decision to make the changes that I have done.I knew what I wanted my site to be about but felt it wasn't very clear but after changing the theme it has allowed me to make it clearer as to what the name of my website was and why I had chosen that name, It is still a work in progress but hopefully I wil
April 04, 2021
A very quick blog today to wish you all a Have a good day everyone and I hope you are getting to celebrate this day with friends and family.I also have my daughter's birthday today. She is 27. So 27 years ago on Easter Sunday, my waters broke at 6am and I spent most of the day in hospital. However, it wasn't till 5.04 on the 04/04/94 and weighing 6lb 4oz that Hayley made her way into the world.I am off now to see if I can scrounge any easter egg off my two boys lol.Enjoy your Easter everyone an
March 13, 2021
Just a very quick blog to say I know that across the world this day falls on different dates but tomorrow it is Mother's day in the UK..Have a very nice relaxing Sunday all the mum's out there and to the mum's in the uk I hope you are spoiled.Enjoy whats left of your weekend and
March 10, 2021
Evening everyone. I don't know about anyone else these days but I have really had enough of this coronavirus and these lockdowns. I want my freedom and my life back to go where I want, to meet friends and go for coffee or a nice glass of wine and a long chat.However, I found and wanted to share this with everyone as it really summed up how I feel this week as well as made me laugh.I hope everyone else is having a good week, and doesn't have this feeling or that they want to stand in a corner an
Why is it that the good people in the world get dealt the rubbish hand in life and all the bad people just seem to just pass through life without any problems?You will be wondering what I am talking about but I will enlighten you in a minute. You may not agree with me on the question above but that is purely just my way of thinking about life at times. So, back to the reason for my blog here. Just a week ago my dad was told that he has unoperable cancer. In October 2020, the doctors found cance
January 28, 2021
This is just a short fun post. What do you think my poor sunbathing gnome will be suffering from here. Do you think it will be sunburn or frostbite? I will be interested to know your thoughts everyone.As I am in Scotland and love our beautiful scenery I thought it would be nice to share with you a couple of photos that I recently took of the Pentland Hills covered with snow. I have this view when I leave the house to take my dog Jake out. I remember someone telling me that if the Pentland Hills
January 14, 2021
Hi to everyone here at this great Community at WA. Hope you are all well. I know there are a lot of new members who don't know me but for the ones who do, I thought it was time to cheer everyone up with a fun blog here, Not sure about what is happening in different countries over the globe just now but I do know that here in Scotland we are once again in Lockdown.I have used images related to covid from Aunty Acid as they really made me laugh. I hope you find them just as funny.This next one re