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June 01, 2020
I have been wondering recently why certain things within WA and was thinking about contacting site support to check things out for me.I decided today though to have a look at my account details to check everything was up to date. I was very surprised to discover that my monthly payments had not been coming off my account. With the result of this my subscription had been stopped and I had no idea. Because I had still been getting in and doing most of what I was already doing, the thought never e
This is a quick blog as apparently it is now the After having a lovely warm and very sunny weekend, I thought it woulde nice to share one or two motivational summer quotes.Hopefully after everything going on recently these might help us feel brighter, plus let us enjoy what is meant to be a good season when we should all be meeting friends, having fun and enjoying the hot sunny weather together.I hope you like the quotes. Here's to another good and productive month for us all.I will now say Tim
I thought I would just check in to see how everyone is doing during lock down. If you are getting the chance to move round more freely then you are lucky. If not, I hope you are not going mad by now.My son introduced his brother and his dad to Gavin and Stacey, a program that was on our TV a while ago now but we never watched it. So they have been watching this over and over again when they look for something light hearted to watch. The funny thing is that their favourite episodes are the Chris
Just a very quick blog tonight to say I can't believe that it was on this day 4 years ago that I became a Here at Wealthy Affiliate. I have to say that the decision to join WA has been one of the best I have taken. I have picked up so much good information, advice, training and enjoyed some very good banter sessions and conversations with friends from all over the globe and also part of this great community. A lot of you are still here, however there are also friends who have been members but a
Google Chrome's New FeatureAre you aware that Google Chrome has introduced it's best ever feature. If not, then let me tell you here exactly what this new feature is and how you can use it to your advantage.If you are someone who struggles with the organisation of your web browser tabs and you use Chrome, then you will love this new feature. It is called Tab Groups and is designed to help you organise your tabs.This new feature will allow you to arrange your active tabs neatly into appropriate
Here we are once again at Easter Sunday so I just want to take the chance to share some some Easter images and quotes.Most of all I want to say I know that this year will be a lot different for us over the world as we are not able to swap eggs with family and friends. No family gatherings to have Easter egg hunts or rolling eggs that we have boiled and decorated with our children.No ability to get together with family and friends to have lunch/dinner and spend time together as they have done in
I was checking something on my phone earlier today and came across an article that I found very interesting.I have briefly read through this article but will definitely go back and read it properly. However, I thought I would share this link with you all to the article as like myself you may find it to be off interest to you.Let me tell you what this article is about now. Google have decided to tell us how we are able in Search Console to be able to hide content with the use of a Removal Tool t
I thought that as we are in a new month and once again at the start of a new week I would like to try and keep people thinking positively by sharing some quotes with you all.I know in times like this when we are all worrying and fretting about lots of things that are going on as we all have our own things going on but one big thing that we are all sharing is being in the throes of the Corona virus and not knowing how long we are going to be in lock down for.Here in the UK we are being told that
March 22, 2020
Just a short blog tonight to wish all mums old and new out there in this great community here at WA I do know that it is not Mother's Day everywhere, however today is Mother's Day here in the UK. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone and have a good and productive week.
March 16, 2020
I see a lot of people have already blogged about the Corona Virus today.This virus has well and truly made a huge impact on peoples lives and it is rather scary how quickly it is being spread and the amount of countries that are now in lockdown because of the impact.I had a conversation tonight with my son about people panic buying and he came out and said that they will be bringing back ration books like they had in the war if things keep going on like they are. I am just waiting now for the n