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March 22, 2020
Just a short blog tonight to wish all mums old and new out there in this great community here at WA I do know that it is not Mother's Day everywhere, however today is Mother's Day here in the UK. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone and have a good and productive week.
March 16, 2020
I see a lot of people have already blogged about the Corona Virus today.This virus has well and truly made a huge impact on peoples lives and it is rather scary how quickly it is being spread and the amount of countries that are now in lockdown because of the impact.I had a conversation tonight with my son about people panic buying and he came out and said that they will be bringing back ration books like they had in the war if things keep going on like they are. I am just waiting now for the n
Well, I have had some more good news with regards to when I was scammed.As well as the guys being caught and jailed before having the chance to do the same again to someone else. I have heard recently that it looks like I will get all the money I lost back again thankfully.It certainly seems that there was someone nice up there who was watching over me. I must have been doing something good at the time.It is a nice feeling to know that there has been a positive outcome from this and I can get t
In case you are not sure I want to share some quotes to help us celebrate. I am aware that some members here within WA are already into Monday and therefore I hope you all had a good day.Ladies have fun reading this and enjoy the rest of your weekend or week whatever it is.Gents, you can enjoy these quotes too if you wish. I am sure you will like the next one.Have a great productive week everyone and I will say See you all tomorrow.
Here were are again, day one of yet another new month. Let us say welcome to the month of March. Most people will know the saying that goes for the month of March.There is an ancestral belief between farmers, that if March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb. The question asked by people though is whether or not the saying is true or merely just a rhyme. However, there are some sayings that have been based on observations and have turned out to be exact. As there were people who di
You are probably wondering what I am wittering on about here.I was checking emails this morning and I came across something I thought you may be interested about. Some may already know what I mean and some may not even be interested in what I am going to say.However, I am going to tell what I found as there will probably be a few people who don't know anything as I certainly never knew anything.It has been noted recently that people are receiving alerts by email from Google's Search Console whe
February 23, 2020
Now I know I have been here a while now but it has always confused me as to what we really want to get more off, is it clicks or impressions?Please feel free to think that I should know this by now and I probably should but somethings just go in and go out again if I don't find them interesting. However, do not insult me by telling me I am stupid for not knowing. I can do that all by myself, I don't need someone else to tell me lol.I currently have a Google Ad running and to me, I would say the
Today I am in the mood to have fun, so I am sharing with you all some fun images and quotes about life because I am feeling good and things are going well.Here we are, only in the 2nd month of 2020 and things are going well for me. This makes a change, as I never seem to have good luck.One of the best things was finding out that the rotters who scammed me have been jailed. After such a rubbish 2019, and losing so much time here at WA, it so nice to get back to working on my sites as well as ch
February 15, 2020
Well the first week of February has certainly had it's ups and downs for me. I have had a mixture of good and bad news but at the same time I can honestly say that I now feel as if a weight has been well and truly lifted off my shoulders and I feel more at ease with my life.I was recently informed that the people who scammed me last year are now in the prison after being caught. Karma certainly does have a way of catching up with people thankfully.Now my next piece of news should really be clas
February 02, 2020
Well, I have to say that it is true that as you get older, time really does go quicker.I cannot believe that we are already into the 2nd month of the year already and that once again it is Superbowl time. I hope that everyone had a great January and were very productive. You would certainly be a lot better than me for sure.However, things are starting to look up for me and go right for a change. Some good karma happening for a change. Everyone who is watching the Superbowl tonight, then enjoy t