For people who want to write but can't get started.

Last Update: May 21, 2016

Today in my training Kyle had me write for 30 minutes on a timer, I was able to finish a 568 word post and publish it on my website, the post was very helpful for some people so I thought that I would share it with everyone in WA, here it is:

For people who want to write but can’t get started.

Sometimes you sit down to write new content for your website and you just can’t think of anything to write about. I often find myself doing that and wondering what my next topic is going to be about. So the thought occurred to me why not write an article about wanting to write but not being able to get started.

Conversations stimulate ideas to write content about.

Think of conversations that you had recently and what the conversations were about. I was talking with my wife today and she was not feeling satisfied with her job. So I thought to myself…there are millions of people out there who are not satisfied with they’re jobs just like my wife. My wife then started talking to me about the variety of other jobs that she could do to find satisfaction in her life and asking me for my opinion about those other jobs. So my wife has a need to find satisfaction with her job and she is looking for a solution…and then a bright idea came to my mind on a subject to write about.

I have a website and the name of it is, and after my conversation with my wife I thought to myself…I have the solution for those millions of people who are not satisfied with they’re jobs, right on my website. So from a simple conversation that I had this morning with my wife I came up with these ideas to write about:

  • Tired of that dead end job, here are 5 simple solutions for you!
  • Got a boss who’s got you down,here’s 5 money making jobs that will pick you up!
  • Feel like your 9-5 is going nowhere, here’s 10 amazing tips that will open doors for you!
  • Feel like walking off your job today? Here’s 5 jobs to start making money tomorrow!

The whole time that my wife was talking to me I wanted to offer her these solutions, so why should I stop there. There is a whole world of people out that are not happy with they’re current work situations and I can offer them these same solutions!

You might think to yourself that this conversation was real convenient to fit my niche, but I will tell you that this conversation can fit any niche and I will give you an example. Let’s say that you have a niche that teaches people about Yoga, and I am just picking a random topic, how could this conversation bring up ideas for topics about Yoga? I will give you the first thing that comes to mind:

This person is stressed out about they’re job, can Yoga help with stress? Of course it can!

Now how many ideas can you (the yoga guru) think of to help this person with stress using Yoga, I bet the wheels are turning now and you have plenty of ideas coming, now just starting writing about it!

So as you can see, everyday conversations bring up plenty of ideas to write about. I hope this article has been helpful for you and opened your eyes to a new world of great content that is just a conversation away.

If you feel that this article has helped you, I just posted it on my website, could you be kind enough to pop on my website and leave a comment, I will do the same for you just leave a link to your website below. Here is my link:

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MKearns Premium
What you are talking about on the 30 minutes is called a writing sprint. They are quite useful if correctly critiqued. Any niche can lead to lucrativity and involved content if there is a perceived need for it.