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Last Update: November 21, 2009


It never ceases to amaze me what one is capable of accomplishing once they hit that learning curve with the resolve to follow through to the end.

It's almost as if a light bulb has suddenly flickered on, and I'm beginning to get this SEO stuff.   Now, I just can't leave it alone.  (This stuff could become hazardous to your health!).

After I wrote my version of a marketing article, I couldn't just stop at that.  I was still on the article path so, here's what I did today...

I read a 29-page book entitled Special Report: Ten Essential Secrets You Simply MUST Know About Article Marketing Before You Start Any Article Marketing Campaign …   By Steve Shaw, 

 I also read another 29-page book entitled Hot to Write Marketing Articles by
Jerry Daryl McCoy.

 I set me up a "test" site to actually work on my articles and tweak them and watch how they rank in the search engines.  I actually used two different methods and site locations to do this.   Took a lot of time, but I believe it will be worth it.

I finally took a look at my NicheQ material, and decided to go ahead and upload the five website templates to a web-server.   Now, I'm just waiting for my domain name to start pointing to the server so I can see the sites live.  These are also just "test" locations so I can see the sites in action, and decide on domain names for the sites.

I signed up as an affiliate for some of the NicheQ Domain hosts, but had a lot of difficulty, because I kept being asked for a referral id, which I did not know.  So, I left that task, and kept on moving on developing these niche sites.

The more I read, and the more I do, I'm getting the hang of what is actually necessary to be a successful marketer, and gradually my understanding of Keyword Research and Optimization are coming into focus.

At this point, what I have to learn to do now, is to stop, relax, and let it simmer for a while, before moving on.

This stuff can actually go on NON-STOP.

I look forward to the day when I have it all set up, and I can just sit back and watch the fruits of my labor.

Good evening ALL


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