How much do you want?

Last Update: January 29, 2017

We have all been given a challenge, will we accept it?

And if we do accept the challenge will we know where to find the rules?

Once we read the rules will we abide by them?

Do we have the guts to see it through and reap the rewards?

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GrannyDear Premium
Wise words - wise questions!!

Accepting challenges - most of us turn their backs and switch on the television.
Abiding the rules -well ... If you have been watching long enough that television, you find yourself in a state of mental decomposition - sadly b.t.w.
Having the guts to reap the results - harvesting goes hand in hand with sufficient self-respect.

Thank you for giving this contribution to self-awareness.

Ivine Premium
Hi Chappy, very positive words. Irv.
bigrog44 Premium
I want a lot.
ChappyK Premium
Have you read the rules?
pparadise Premium
You said it.