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Last Update: June 21, 2016

Grammar is one my fear when I first started blogging. I seldom write a long essay and never thought I could start an online business.

As English is not my native language, I face a lot of challenges to produce content on my website. It is not easy for me and giving up is an easy option which I never come across my mind.

You can easily spot grammar mistake or spelling error in my website. But most importantly, I bring out my message to you. If I can do it, you probably can do better.

Improve Your Writing

Since I join WA and had overcome the fear of writing. Improve grammar allows me to write better email, report and website content.

There are members within Wealthy Affiliate know there a lot of non-native English writers that need help. They provide free courses and lesson to help people like you and me can learn grammar for free.

It is perfectly fine if you are weak in grammar, there nothing to feel ashamed about. People come from all walks of life, not everyone has the same education level.

Paul Dean is a copywriter, marketer and web designer. He invests his free time to help fellow members with a grammar course.


Jackie a retire teacher and still show passion in learning online business. You never too old or too late to start learning. She contributes to the community with a short course


Berverly is one of the senior members in wealthy affiliate, she always in the community to provide help to fellow members.

During the day she is a communication and language development specialist, an NLP Coach and Practitioner specializing in confidence and career coaching and she has spent 18 years teaching and training from pre-entry level to post graduate level.

She has developed some great new skills in internet marketing. She is a successful article writer, who writes comprehensively for her coaching site and a regular guest blogger for other people.


Hope it helps.


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