Time Management and WA!

Last Update: August 12, 2016

So I'm just really interested in how people manage their time? I am trying to create a normal schedule and get on at the same time to get things done but its hard with a part-time job that isn't consistent with schedule times, and a boyfriend who's schedule is also not consistent(with overtime, and him only being home a couple days a week). I have to admit, I'm very bad at time management. I'm also a slight procrastinator. I'm trying to put in 3-5 hours a day but some days I don't even get on.

I am just interested in what everyone's schedule looks like. Do you get on at the same time everyday? And motivation tricks to stop procrastinating? Is there anyone in the same situation as me trying to balance a part-time job, making videos and post for my websites, and everyday life? Please leave a comment on your tips and tricks to being productive. :) Have a great day!

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kinnick1 Premium
I definitely try to stick to a routine. When my schedule doesn't allow a routine, then I commit to fitting in two hours whenever it works.