My Journey So Far.

Last Update: December 27, 2015

It's been four months since I have been introduced to the WA community and it is amazing exactly how much I have learnt. I have created my own niche' website from scratch and am slowly starting to see it grow and develop into a work of art I am so proud of. My website is called Christene's Healthy Food. I have been on a journey to better health through nutrition and this is the perfect platform to share what I have learned with others. I am really enjoying the community here at WA. I have done many things over the years, and now I feel that I am in the right place and that I am truly creating a vehicle for financial freedom. I love that you learn from experts in the field and the information is set out step by step, rather that getting little bits and pieces that are hard to piece together leaving you forever confused and frustrated.

I'll be honest, it has always been smooth sailing, I have fallen off the wagon. But it is a matter of getting up and dusting yourself off and moving forward towards your goals. Stuff happens to each and everyone of us, but like was pointed out by a fellow WA community member, you only fail, when you QUIT!

So my advice to you is when the going gets tough - don't give up! Ask for help. Getting overwhelmed when learning new skills can get us down, but remember work through it and you will be successful.

The next three months for me will be even more exciting! I look forward to develop my website further and plan to start making it profitable by following the training here at WA.

In six months time I am looking to be earning a consistent income from my website. I am looking forward to a bright future thank you WA Community.

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Give It A Go Premium
I know exactly what you mean Christene, with all of the information I've come across coming in dribs and drabs. That is until I found WA and realised it was all here in the one place. At last I could piece it all together. Can't wait to see your growth as you meet your goals and expectations. Ange x
RoopeshG Premium
Fantastic stuff. Congratulations on your 4th Month Anniversary. Wish you all the best and tons of more success here at WA.
Thanks for the uplifting advice as well.