Get Back On The Wagon!

Last Update: December 26, 2015

I am back on the wagon!! The Wealthy Affiliate wagon. I found myself lost and distracted with what I should of been doing here at WA. Days passed, then weeks passed, I'm not proud to say even months passed and I wasn't doing what I needed to, to build my business. I beat myself up about it and came close to throwing in the towel. I stayed strong, I re-focused and thought about what I love here at WA. Community, support and a love for what I am learning and achieving . Okay so I fell off the wagon, it happens to the best of us. This experience has reminded me of an amazing book I once read called Failing Forward by John C. Maxwell. He speaks of how failure is okay if we learn from it. If you fail, then pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going. I have stopped beating myself up and have made myself jump right back up there again on the wagon once again! Will I fall off again? More than likely, but I will jump right back in again and again if need be until I reach my goal here at WA. So here I am, and I want to inspire those that have hit a road block, no matter what it re-focus, stop beating yourself up and concentrate on getting back on the wagon so you can move that little bit closer to your goal and your dreams.

Here's to our success!!

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Give It A Go Premium
I know that feeling very well right now too. Always seem to be having to do something for other people and never getting time to get my articles written. It worries me that my blogs are showing poor health currently. But I remember that I WILL eventually get back to it and hit it with a passion and that while I have taken a forced break, I am not going to fall off the wagon forever. I'm glad you have picked yourself up, dusted off and know that it is just a hiccup, not the end of the road. Hang in there. This WILL work.
CDukes Premium
Yes indeed Angela...a hiccup...great word!! Not the end of the road!! Thank you for your encouragement!
BobBrooks Premium
Great post and reminder, when you hit the wall keep pushing through it. This is not a race and you only lose if you quit all together. Glad to have you back on track. I find when I get overwhelmed with a new topic the urge to stop is there.
Thanks for the post, think we all go through this
CDukes Premium
Thanks Bob, you are right...the only failure is to quit all together. I agree it is not a race, we need to inch ourselves closer to our success. I think we are successful if we can learn to work through the road blocks, if we can do that, then success is only a matter of time. Thank you for your support.