Finally On Track!

Last Update: August 14, 2015
Well I have had computer issues for about three weeks. During this time I was not able to keep in touch with the Wealthy Affiliate Community. I found myself slowly drifting away and getting restless. I had to refocus and tell myself that Wealthy Affiliate was where I was suppose to be. Well I finally was able to correct my computer issues and logged straight back onto Wealthy Affiliate and got reconnected with this awesome community. I have moved ahead in leaps and bounds and I am so excited to be here and working with everyone here.It just goes to show the importance in connecting with like minded people in a community to your success. Without that you can get distracted, lose focus and allow the challenges to get the better of you.Challenges are a part of success you just have to fail forward! Why not fail forward together and help each other get up, dust off and keep going.Thank you Wealthy Affiliate Community for helping me stay focused and move towards success!!
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Give It A Go Premium
Hi Christene. Glad to hear you dusted yourself off and kept going with it. I KNOW you are supposed to be here, even with all the distractions and circumstances that get in the way of where we are going. I'll fail forward with you and pick you up off that floor if you need me to. I know that things get in the way sometimes, but please don't ever give up on this. I know it will come to fruition eventually, even if it takes a little while.
TJamil Premium
Good to hear that you're settled again. It's time to get moving.