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So back in May of 2020 I joined WA as a yearly affiliate and at that time I bought 5 or 6 domainsEach pertaining to a different industry 1 for clothing, 1 for cryptocurrency, 1 E-learning, 1 just for me to blog about what ever I felt like, and one for beer I considered to be a total waste of time but I thought I had a cool domain name so I went with it.See I like a cold brew on a sunday while watching my football team "Go Chiefs" don't get mad if your not a fan, there going to dominate the seas
Just thought I'd let you know about a free banner creator not just banners but video's and gifs for your email autoreponders they offer a free plan that's why I thought it worthy of mentioning
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Keyword is the KeySometimes my Brilliance Amazes even meHind sight and all that yada,yada,yada,Going through Kyle’s lesson on keywords I noticed something I don’t know how many other of my Wealthy Aflliate’s already noticed but I’m tickled.(punchline @end)I have to touch on “Content” because you’ll hear that ALOT around here. I thought I already knew the meaning of the word, so I looked it Up.Merriam Webster’s Definition has 4 applications and it
If I truley am serious about my making 10,000 a month online the last thing I want to concern myself with is having monthly member dues that's why I went yearly.
May 19, 2020
Has me learning and working on setting up my site
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May 18, 2020
At the end of day 1 I decided it was in my best intrest to go Premium enable myself the benifit of all that there is here at WA. Day 2, Bought three domains, one for a store and two for future blog / training sites.I see a HUGE future doing what WA is allowing me learn.
May 16, 2020
Just completing my WA training day 1With the corona virus worldwide lockdown I've decided to start a new path that led me online5.16.2020