The Other and Untold Side of My Success

Last Update: February 06, 2020

My Life's Experience and Lessons Learned

This documentary on part of my life has been conceived based on individual success strategies or the reversed engineering individual success strategies, which are the total opposite of the concept of trial and error strategies used by most to explain and conceptualize the resultant combination of their explained success. You have probably been living your entire existence out of total darkness and confusion with no hope, exit and end in sight. This is the state of hopelessness and abject relentless despair. And it seems evident that your entire life has been stuck and rolling backward like cassette tape stuck in fast-rewind motion continuum as follows:

From The School of Hard Knocks:

1) Having no life

a) A lifestyle designed pleased everyone else but you.

b) Having to live, work very hard to fulfill the dreams of others.

c) Having to be educated and trained to serve, grow and safeguard someone else's wealth.

d) Having others dictate and control our life.

2) Having no time

a) Selling always most of 2/3 of your time to survive and make ends meet.

b) Waiting your entire life through procrastination and unfulfilled dreams.

c) Trying to unclog and see through your vision field.

d) Busy to death is your acceptable lifestyle.

3) Having no money

a) Working hard to make others richer.

b) Being robbed of your hard-earned money.

c) Learn, accept and agree to be exploited.

d) Making money waste part of life routing.

e) Put yourself in control of your finance.

4) Having no health

a) Having a lifestyle marked by poor health.

b) Having being sick and tired of getting sick.

c) Do not trade, compromise and negotiate your health for anyone unworthy of it.

d) Don't get hurt while trying to extend yourself to others stretchable.

5) Having no good luck

a) Never won anything

b) Never get anything come to you easily.

c) Always be the wrong side or end of a deal.

d) Don't let your good nature causes you to transfer the misfortune of others unknowingly.

Let Reality Sets In

Generally, this is based on the probability of Certainty in terms of human reality. This is also why your visions and dreams are often consumed and assimilated by the very ones trying and pretending to love and help you while helping themselves on your behalf.

Don't be overtaken and outfoxed by the fox's trick while making you believe that you are gaining and the noise does not come from your empty drained drum.

Never take a look at your reality through a prism and allegorical murals. You will be surprised to find out that you have been duped and taken for a fool and jackass or a colt.

In the camp where darkness and confusion reign pessimistic observers think often of a glass half-empty; whereas the enlightened camp is the place where optimistic thinkers always look at the inverted glass half-full.

Don't be seated upon by the very one that you are carrying out of your midst into prosperity, who later makes you believe that you have been the free loader and pariahs all along... When you don't know how and where to start, try to begin with the critical/emergency/survival to what gives fast rescue/recovery to continuity of your livelihood/reputation/maintainability of your material/immaterial asset along with Individual disaster recovery and continuity.

In summary, do not let anyone or anything control your life, let alone decide your future.

Thanks for your reading and sharing your comments if any,


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WMarshall1 Premium
Thanks for sharing Charles. I can relate so much. I am so fortunate to have found WA. The positivity and inspiration keep me moving forward.
All the best.
cb59 Premium
You're welcome and I am very glad to relate somehow with you, my friend!
Joes946 Premium
Loaded with wisdom and great advice.
cb59 Premium
Hi Joe,
Thanks for letting me be part of your kind comments filled with wisdom and constructive criticism.
Thanks again as always with cheers,