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Last Update: April 17, 2015

I think the part that makes this process a success is that we have to be so proactive and that way we really feel that we belong and are growing and contributing members.

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danbarth87 Premium
Glad you are enjoying yourself here! It really is a fun community
cawells Premium
Ture Zavier, Sometimes, I hate ot offer help when I know I am not knowledgeable enough yet. I know how frutstrating the situation is. Thanks
Zavier Premium
What will help you out even more is finding a group of people you can get to help with your questions that you can feel know what they are talking about.
Getting people to help with feedback is good as well. I have established a friendship with some here that I feel are honest with the stuff they say. It's one thing to give someone a positive comment, but when something is really wrong and a person just says that needs work or you ask for feedback and someone just says, "looks great" that doesn't help.
That's my advice. It works for me so far.