My post about men's skin care

Last Update: July 08, 2015

I decided to post about men's skin. Their needs are different from womens because their skin is much different. I feel it wouldn't hurt to offer some insight into some of their issues and concerns. Could someone leave a comment or suggestion about the content. My site is coming along and I want to know how it is looking.

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BillLuhrs Premium
Yes its a great informative site. Indeed men's skin is different from that of a woman's. We as men need to be a bit less macho in habits and deeds and follow the ladies lead and get a bit pampered in the parlour.I spend a lot of time in the sun and I don't want to show my age at the weekly dance.ha ha..
alleo Premium
Hi Cawells,

Really enjoyed moving around your website it's very informative.

It's looking good, except I found the font size a little small to read and your paragraphs are very big blocks of text.

Maybe you could try breaking up the paragraphs.