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Last Update: July 11, 2016

This weekend I had kind of an eye-opener. I tried to work a little bit on my website (always hard to squeeze in time with two little kids at home) and at the end of the weekend my "new business" was going around in my mind. And I came across the question, that probably most of us asked at some point: will I ever be successful in this business? And I thought about, what I had heard and read and remembered that most people have said, that you need to work hard to be successful. And then I realized: you're never going to be successful! You're not working hard enough!

And I got really frustrated and looked at the time - already 4 hours had passed! What the heck had I been doing all that time?

I had been trying out a few different wordpress-themes, because I wasn't quite happy, yet.
I had googled around to see, what else could be found in my niche.
I had written a short article and some quick notes for a few new ones.I had been looking for some pictures for my article.
I had been watching some of the online video training...

And then it hit me - I had been working quite hard after all, I just hadn't noticed it. I was so engrossed in my work that I didn't realize it was actually work.
All my life work has always been something, that had to be done, although it wasn't much fun. Work was something where you had to do what others thought would be the best. Work was something where you kept an eye on your watch to see when it was time to go home. Work was certainly nothing you had fun doing and could forget time about.

So, guess what: I'm doing something I thouroughly enjoy. And because I realized now, that this is what other people might call 'hard work', I actually believe now that I can be successful with it!

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DonnaDunn Premium
Excellent post, Susanne! I just got started with WA at the end of June and sometimes I feel I'm moving in slow motion. However, like you, I have to remind myself of ALL the things I HAVE done. We really are working hard and it is much more fun than work that HAD to be done. You're doing it and success will follow! Keep going!