WooCommerce and Product Data Tabs

Last Update: October 04, 2017

Hi, Y'all!

Been working on a new website for sometime now ... it's been the biggest challenge yet because it's not related to affiliate marketing at all. This has resulted in my ranking dropping dramatically here at WA, but the lady can only do one thing at a time. :-)

We will be providing monthly subscriptions on this site so we installed WooCommerce. And y'all know what? The more I get into this stuff the more I realize how much I just don't know.

Previously, I'd asked for help with WooCommerce so we could have digital products available. It was awesome advice (because we have an awesome WA community). Everything worked like a charm.

But today, I've been trying to get it set-up for monthly subscriptions (you know - 'cause it's nice to get paid). If you're familiar with WooCommerce, then you know there is a section entitled "Product Data."

Unfortunately, the three tabs to the right of Product Data are not visible. And there's nothing I've done to magically make them appear. There's an image so you can see how it should look; the red arrows point to the area where the drop-down and 2 tick-off spaces should be (but they're not at my site).

Does anybody have any suggestion(s) about what to do or how to fix this? The lady can't get paid until this is working. :-)

Many Thanks and God Bless!

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DoubleTap Premium
Ey Cathy, shoot ChrisScott a pm on this one. He's really sharp on Woo stuff!

Lord bless ya'.
CathyS Premium
Thanks for the referral, Chris! God Bless!