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So after a very long, paid for, break from WA I’m back and looking to start all over again. I’ve kept my account open and paid every month for what seems like years, actually October 2017, as I keep promising myself I will get back on it. However, life, business and procrastination has got in the way. I’m back to learn, again, how to build and promote my business online. I’ve been building up my mlm the old fashioned way, knocking doors and speaking to people face to fa
For the past 3 and a bit years I have been working in network marketing and only in the lat year joined WA and began to learn about affiliate marketing and blogging. But it only takes a year to totally change your life! I have been working with a company in the high end skin care sector as my mlm and doing pretty well, however, I have recently started a new blog about being a Grandma refusing to grow old and have been really surprised at how my researching has made me change a few things in the
I have recently been speaking to a couple of people who work in the promotions departments of companies that send out free products to bloggers to review and they have given me some tips on what they look for in a blog when making their decisions.Apart from the basic theme of the blog and client avatar fitting their brand and product there are a couple of things that they look for that makes the blog easily readable, searchable and researchable.1. Spellings, grammar and paragraph layout - these
September 06, 2017
Wow I can't believe that I have been a part of this awesome community for a year now :-) Thank you for being here for me. :-)
March 07, 2017
Hey guys how's everyone? Gee I sure have missed you but time out was needed. Easing myself back in over a couple of weeks as I have mountains of comments to answer and messages to reply to but so glad to back.Looking forward to catching up with you all and meeting the new movers and shakers on the block :-)
January 17, 2017
Sorry I have not been about these past couple of days but there have been one or two technical problems that have prevented me from having the time to be here. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible and I will get this Facebook course up and running for you all.I literally have 5 minutes today so I thought I would pop in just to say Hi and let you know everything was all ok.
January 15, 2017
Time is precious for most of us, some of you are working a job and have kids to tend to as well as working on your sites and writing content, but how do you plan your time so that it is most effective? Below in the photo is my week. Well its not this week but this is a picture of how I plan my week. I have planner sheets that I print out each week and then I get my coloured pens out.My first colour fills in the time for things that I can not change, things like the school run and appointments
January 14, 2017
So the twitter training is coming to an end :-( I do hope that I have helped you all with the handy hints and tips that I have been able to pass on to you.I would love to hear of how your accounts have grown and any questions that you may have for me on the relevant training pages or on the BB Twitter accountability post. anything awesome happens to Twitter I will keep you updated with new training as and when I discover or master somet
How much effort did you put into building your site today? If you were your Boss how much would you pay you for the work that you have done today? You see working for yourself can be easy and it can be hard. Finding the motivation to work with so many home distractions can be difficult some days but you need to remember this, If you don't do it then no-one else will! If you want a site that pays you $100 a day then you need to put the time in. It is not going to happen over night so you need
January 12, 2017
I am really getting to like Amazon shoppers! I have just logged in to the back office to check the business and someone has bought a beautiful off the shoulder long knitted jumper.... through the code I have down for Motivational books!!! I totally give up trying to understand the mind on an Amazon shopper and how easily distracted they can become. I know the money is not amazing from Amazon but for a beginner it is a really easy introduction to affiliate marketing. It raises the chance of a