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This is so odd ... My WA ranking was 3k+ a couple of weeks ago. Then it climbed up and up and up to 5k+ over the last few days. Now I'm at an all-time low of 1183?! Wonder how long that will last before it climbs again.I'm not complaining. I'm just intrigued and in a musing mood.I'm not consciously chasing it, but it intrigues me to see it shadow me as I prowl through WA's corridors and archives, mining for hidden SEO gems.It just seems that everything I do online, it's all for making my ra
Rugby, in itself, is not the deciding factor on why I read so many rugby union books and, in particular, rugby union biographies.IT IS THE DRAMA TO THE END.Rather, it is the spirit of striving, of persevering, of courage and of achievement -- traits that keep cropping up across all other sports and, more importantly, in all facets of life -- that turns me into a voracious reader.I could have read about these traits in other areas. And have. But rugby union is a game that I have played, report
November 12, 2018
Need imagesI've been scouring the net for rugby union images. But almost all that I find are licensed.Our blog is about rugby union. It's usually about the latest events. Unfortunately, I'm unable to use most images from google/news sites.And the free source sites like pixaby, kaboom etc do not really have images on rugby union.A proposalIf you have any rugby union images that we can use, would you be interested in a mutually beneficial arrangement?If we can use your image, we will acknowled
Troubleshooting on Slow website Further to discussion at: are gonna regret checking up on me regarding this, YanFellow!!! hehe :)I'm kind of grappling with this blindly ... I disabled some plugins, it didn't make a difference.So checked under Site Details: one hour, most are green; the next hour, everything's all amber and red! I clicked through to read Google's Page Speed insights: (1)
Today I decided to go premium.As I worked my way through the Starter training, I am blown away by the QUALITY of free benefits one gets by just joining WA as a free member. Without having to spend a penny, I gained immediate access to tools + skills + ideas + opportunities that I can immediately act on to start creating a business online. The scope of knowledge and experience contained in WA is V A S T !!! (It is like being enrolled in an Academy for Online Marketing! Finishing the course as
Today, I am officially a WA member - willing and able ... I actually signed up a couple of days ago but only today did I manage to put aside time to familiarise myself with WA and its awesome platform. I look forward to a highly educational journey ...