Shadowed by rankings and ratings

Last Update: January 08, 2019

This is so odd ...

My WA ranking was 3k+ a couple of weeks ago. Then it climbed up and up and up to 5k+ over the last few days. Now I'm at an all-time low of 1183?! Wonder how long that will last before it climbs again.

I'm not complaining. I'm just intrigued and in a musing mood.

I'm not consciously chasing it, but it intrigues me to see it shadow me as I prowl through WA's corridors and archives, mining for hidden SEO gems.

It just seems that everything I do online, it's all for making my rating and ranking shadows take on more of a substance. I feel like Peter Pan trying to pin down my shadow and draw it for the likes of Google and Pinterest and Facebook and Twitter ... and yes, WA ... to see and note.

Fascinating: I had to specify at least 2 tags before I could post this. Someone already created a "rating your areas of life" tag.

This online business is fascinating.

My online business is fascinating.

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ExpatMark Premium
Rank doesn't put money in the bank. As long as you are doing the training and responding to comments in the lessons, you will keep climbing the ranks. Remember the main reason we are here. MMO.

CathAnon Premium

... should be cool to occasionally have a banner splash across saying "Remember the reason you are here ..."

laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Cath,

After 2 years I still have problems sometimes to keep a healthy balance. How many hours do I spend each day on WA? I have a farm, lots of work which I like, fresh air and sunshine you know.
I have 2 websites and I do Pinterest. Compared to other people I do not do so much even if I think I do. I try not to get stressed with the websites, socializing etc. etc. I have put myself a limit. If I do not enjoy what I do I stop. My ranking has been going up and down like a yoyo, well, that is the least of my concerns.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
CathAnon Premium
Greetings, Taetske! :)

I wasn't really worried about the WA ranking though ... just curious to know why it spikes and dips so dramatically ... is that how Google ranking will be as well? Golly! Because I definitely am chasing Google ranking.

With your full schedule, you are indeed lucky to be getting a healthy dose of fresh air and sunshine! But I'm glad you find the time to be in here.

I always value your perspective, Taetske ... you've always given me great advice in the past and I've learned to listen to them when you give them. So when you say don't, I won't! :)
laparra1 Premium
Thank you Cath, now do not take my word as the law, it is just my personal opinion. ( you made me smile ) Good old Google, I do not want to be stressed by that one either. On my websites, I write about things I am interested in or things that worry me. I hope that most people reading it share my views and in case they do not perhaps it makes them think. If it helps I really don't know as I am a tiny voice in the desert.

All the best, Taetske
Fleeky Premium
Do not bother about ranking here...
CathAnon Premium
Nope! won't ...
merlynmac Premium
First off, your WA rank will fluctuate based on your activities here and contributions you make. Participating in Live Chat, answering member questions, posting blogs and training here at WA, etc. all play a role in that ranking.

That said, this is just your participation score at WA and does not reflect how your site’s are doing or your progress in the training.

If you enjoy helping others then WA ranking may hold some weight for you. If you’re here strictly to learn and build your sites, don’t pay much attention.

Best of luck.
CathAnon Premium
Agree! :)
Swangirl Premium
I like your musings here, especially the "prowl through WA's corridors...mining for hidden SEO gems" part!

If you do what you want here and totally ignore the ranking it will continue to go up over time. It sounds like that is what will happen as you continue to prowl!

CathAnon Premium
hehe ... yes, I agree ... otherwise, it would be too time-consuming.

As it is, I find it so addictive to work on my websites that I need all the hours of the day I can spare!