On my way and not turning back!

Last Update: April 05, 2016

So I have now fully finished course one and have learnt so much already. I really hope to go premium later this week, I just have to look at my budget and see what I can move around to make it feasible until i start seeing an income from my website. (My husband is on medical leave currently and I am in between jobs so every penny counts at the moment.)

My first main goal was to make enough money to pay bills, but I am now making a smaller stepping stone goal. To make enough to cover the cost of premium. Once I hit that I will count it as my first success! Until then WA needs to be part of my personal budget.

My first site is aimed at substitute teachers, and the aim is to provide support and links to resources which make the job easier. The general niche itself has two sub niches; advice for classroom teachers on preparing for a substitute and support for the substitute teachers themselves. Nearly all the information out there is aimed currently at the classroom teacher, so I am hoping my substitute teacher site will bode well, especially as it is also my day job and I get frustrated myself with the lack of support and information out there.

Currently only my about me and privacy policy pages are fully set up, but you are welcome to check my page out at subteacher.siterubix.com.

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wreed Premium
great job!!push the gas peddle keep going.best of luck and wishes stay healthy wealthy and wise
Russell67 Premium
Good luck and keep going! :)
SuphatPasree Premium
The welcome to Wa.
jencraft Premium
Cute picture on the About Me page. Best of luck!