My Progress with WA Family and Others The Best Affiliate Support Group for me.

Last Update: July 23, 2019

My Progress Here and Quest For Early Glory.

In my quest and jouney in this new course of life i have taken, it has been like me going back to school and finding my

focus in the busy environment. I have drifted wide because in this aspect of business you can easily get distracted with the get rich quick schemes and marketing strategy, of which i have learnt from also.

I know very well how anyone can be successful in the affiliate business world, and yes the get rich quick system is valid but the only problem is, it can never happen o

ver night, even though you invest a huge amount of capital, in my quest for early glory i have browsed and sourced for quick ways to do this new affiliate business that is still going to be valid in 10 years and more to come, ss my darling out there, there's no rush, the journey of a thousand miles begin with a step, and a step with WA is the right step to wanting to build a lifelong business i am very sure of that. Although i am still a newbie but i am matured enough to know when something has a bright future and when it does not.

My Plans and Goals in The Next 3 to 6 Months

My Plans are simple, am going to continue to build my comunity of free generation mindset as i hope to bring together people who are willing to support each other emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, and otherwise but most of all helping the younger generation comming up to develop and build the perfect mindset to help them have a better upbringing experience, the world could need more help in reducing mental, emotional, psychological, traumatic breakdown at old age or even early age.

I want to also have other website for my other Niche, for my Fashion Business, Crypto Currency, Helath and Fitness, and by then beging to start my real estate business and Farm back home here in Nigeria and create other streams of income.

My Findings and Conclusion.

In my honest opinion and not marketting or anything, WA is the best place to be grounded only if you have the huge amount to spend else where,

my time here has been really awesome and have learnt a great and a better deal even though i have other paid courses too, But here are my achievements so far on WA and compared to ZERO achievement from others but only exposure and other ideas which i also appreciate from them:

  • Have been able to Create a Niche perfect for my kind of person and lifestyle
  • Have my own domain. 2 infact, but only very active with one for now.
  • Learnt how to create content
  • Learning how to operate wordpress
  • Helping me to improve my writting skills and passion
  • Being Recognised and have few of my content indexed on google.
  • Being Able to give and recieve reviews on website and even comments.
  • Completed 2 Courses and still thriving further.
  • The most fun part i have been patiently waiting for is here
  • You are just Awesome.


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CaptainM7 Premium
Please don't mind my Typo and grammatical error, i am sure you understand all i try to say.
Scwebu Premium
You have great goals, and I believe you're on the right track. Well done with your progress. All the best.
CaptainM7 Premium
Thank You. and much love.
JKulk1 Premium
Making a plan is a huge step towards success. All the best. Jim
CaptainM7 Premium
Thank You Sir!
Feochadan Premium
Well done and keep up the great work - just don't try to do too many niches at once! I can surely see you having a great bundle of websites in the future!
CaptainM7 Premium
Thank You so much.
AffMktgRt Premium

Thank you for the update and congrats on all you have achieved.

Keep that bird flying onwards and upwards.

CaptainM7 Premium
Thank You. and God Bless.