Fine Dining at the WA Buffet

Last Update: January 29, 2014

Hiya Everyone!

First and foremost, I LOVE Wealthy Affiliate. I've already connected with over 40 like-minded success-driven people here and I'm super excited. It's important to surround yourself with winners... people who are already at where you're going and those who are on their way.

As a lifelong learner, to me Wealthy Affiliate is like a 3-star Michelin smorgasbord of knowledge (for non-foodies, think of it as a 5-star hotel with tons of fancy amenities). I can choose from all kinds of topics to taste and if I want more, there's plenty for seconds and thirds. From building a website, SEO, how to market it, choose products to sell and create yourself, the assortment is VAST! Everyday, more and more materials is being added. The atmosphere is great. People are friendly; and the money we can make is a DELISH! Mmm...

This is a SUCCESS Story, because I AM STILL HERE!

My organization researches opportunities for building income online. This month alone, I've probably evaluated over 15 programs. IF I got through the blah blah blah video on the start page, most of them were obvious and painstakingly misleading.

Don't let the spunky, upbeat personality fool you... I'm a tough cookie to persuade. If I don't like it or it seems a waste of time... I am outta there! Wealthy Affiliate has proven to be an honest, legitimate and profitable resource. Whether you come in for a snack here and there or to eat a hearty full meal, it has something for you. You can learn at your own pace.

If you're looking to learn skills and useful tools to make money for ANY business, Wealthy Affiliate provides a feast of knowledge. You're in the right place!


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Rick Jantz Premium
Great post. I like the image you included; is that one you created? WA is a great place to learn to work online and have a great support community. Thanks for sharing this.
CandyB Premium
Thanks Rick, Yes, WA is awesome! Actually, I just added the OK hand to one of our affiliate banners. I hope I don't get in trouble :/