Live and Rocking

Last Update: January 19, 2018

Well the deed is done.

I have successfully created my first, real and live site! It is a blank canvas, well sort of, and I am excited to make it my own! Along with my excitement come tons of nerves. I am just singing again and again in my head a saying that one of my personal mentors used to say daily, done is better than perfect! So I am forcing my nerves to take a back seat and treading on because it is now DONE. Now its time to make it PERFECT!

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AlexEvans Premium Plus
Congratulations Caitlynn, well done it can be hard starting out those nerves and self-doubt can be crushing. you have cleared that hurdle only thing left to do now is to grow and develop that website, keep going it could well just be life changing if you get stuck just reach out.