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Last Update: May 11, 2013
In a previous blog post I told of my up and coming adventure with moving to Abu Dhabi in the UAE.
I go over with my kids this September just behind Wife by one month. With so much to do between now and then I am forced to put my WA business building on the back burners. We have to fix up our house to sell or rent, sell almost all of our possessions and hang up a 23 year floor-covering business all by mid August.

The up side to this is, my new job in the UAE is as a home school teacher to my two boys. The program I teach is online for 5 hours a day with periodic monitoring and aid, giving my plenty of time to do my WA business.

All three of us will be learning code for our chosen interests. Me, HTML5 and the kids have chosen gaming codes, GML and C++. We are selling all of our table top computers and getting a laptop each. We are told that Macs don't work well with our online school format.

Is there anyone here that can recommend the laptop that is the best suite for business development, home schooling, and game programming?
We can get the computer best suited to each of our needs. All of my needs are E- Commerce related and the kids need gaming power.
Any ideas shared on this would be a great help. I know I am tapped into the greatest resource of knowledge with this relative subject, the WA Community.
Thank you for your help.
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wtbee2013 Premium
I am a Mac freak and I think they are great for all of those things listed.

God bless