Change Is Good

Last Update: February 09, 2017

I've changed my niche from flameless candles to save your marriage. The first reason was to go from a physical product to a digital product. So far it has worked out fine. I've followed the training videos and the main framework is complete. Within the next two years I would like to build 25 affiliate sites all making money. However, I am not going to move on to the second site until the first is compete and fully functional. I find be laser focused on one activity is so much easier. I have also started using the video classes as extra training to go along with Kyle's. I find that to be helpful. Just today I watched a video on menu arrangement and it helped to tweet my site. Everything is positive as i move forward.

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davegcol Premium
I find I learn something new with every new project. I've yet to build to a regular income earner, but momentum is growing slowly and I'm really enjoying the journey.