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I have two beautiful children that keep me pretty busy. In my spare time I love to read, play outside with my kids,spend time with family, garden, take care of my Bonsai trees, go camping and hiking, and travel! I am a big animal lover,and very spiritual.

I am an independent Avon representative and I've always been interested in making a steady income from home online. You can say it is a dream of mine! So I am here for help and guidance to my goals and to learn all that I can! One day I will be able to pay it forward! Thank you WA and WA friends:)!
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I would be happy earning 700 a month or just a steady daily income ,but I would be ecstatic earning 1000-2000 a month. I am willing to put as much time as needed to achieve these goals.
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Dec 19, 2016
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BusinessME Premium
I would be happy earning 700 a month or just a steady daily income ,but I would be ecstatic earning 1000-2000 a month. I am willing to put as much time as needed to achieve these goals.
Carson Premium
Nice goals Rosa,

These are going to take you to a whole new level of being focused, motivated, and dedicated to what you are learning here at WA.

As you work through the training lessons, make sure to ask questions when you have them, and take action on what you are learning. You have a full community of friendly people behind you!

I look forward to working with you :)

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BelieveItYes Premium
Hey !

Would you mind helping me boost my youtube channel by subscribing to it?


It would mean a lot to me. This channel is my dream job : makeup artist (halloween crazy stuff and every day makeup as well)

Please check it out and subscribe! and let me know if you need me to return the favor, by subscribing to your channel or anything that can help your business =) I will be happy to do it! :D
Many thanks!!!
KarenDemers Premium
Hello, Rosa...thank you for following me. I hope you will become a regular visitor of my site as I will of yours.
Good luck with your business,
Anewcreature Premium
Hello! I regally appreciate you following. Also I take this time tto personally welcome you to Wealthy Affiliate and as you probably can see it is an incredible community.
stephhill Premium
Thank you Rosa for following me. I am a Mom too who loves spending time with their kids.
boomergp08 Premium
Thank you Rosa for the follow and many blessings to you here at WA. If you have the time or wish to, please check out my training (Bottom Right Blue Button) on my profile page. I explain ways to help you build a better website, ways to make some extra $$$ with your WA training, and best practices here at WA. I also post a humorous blog every Sunday. Enjoy!
kbeaudoin Premium
Thanks for the follow! =) =)
JeanL Premium
Hello, Rosa! Very nice meeting you!
BusinessME Premium
Hi Jean nice to meet you too
RPludeJr Premium
Woman you can to the right place, the lessons are great and the are amazing on here.People are willing to help at a drop of a hat. Remember if you get busy with the family thing don't worry, you can go at your own pace. Well good luck and have a good night. Richard
BusinessME Premium
Thank you for your kind words:)
JewelCarol Premium
Hi Rosa, welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!! It is very nice to meet you here and hope to connect with you.:) I sincerely wish you great & prosperous online success!! :)
Geoff-n-Jane Premium
Hi, Welcome to our large family. It's very nice to meet you. Thank you for following us. We hope you achieve success with your goals here at WA.
CRawlings Premium
Hello there! Thank you for following! After reading your profile, I see that we have a lot in common. I hope to see you around here. I will be following you right back!
HelenpDoyle Premium
Look forward to reading your posts and blogs and website once it's up. I had a friend who did very well in Avon and she worked really hard at it. So, as you should also be used to this hard work you will do well here. Happy travels and keep in touch.
wendai Premium
Thanks and now following you. Good luck. Wendy.
IamnIcan Premium
Thanku for the follow . i wish u much success.
remember this community is our rock , so if ure stuck dont let it be a permanent position,ask away !would love to help :)
Lazyblogger Premium
Hi Rosa thank you for the follow.
bsmith1222 Premium
Hello Rosa and Best Wishes to you!
Inspiration1 Premium
Thanks for following. My best wishes for your success at WA.
MarionBlack Premium
Thanks for adding me to your network Rosa ~Marion
cschlup54 Premium
Thanks for the follow and welcome to WA. One day I am sure you will have the opportunity to pay it forward and do a great job helping others.
dunbar Premium
Hi Rosa and thanks for the follow and all the best with wa cheers Helen
solidbase Premium
Hello Rosa,
Nice meeting you, and welcome to my network of WA friends.
Thanks for the follow. Right back at you now.
My sincere best wishes with all your projects.
Kind regards.
Rich908 Premium
Welcome to WA
MarineMom Premium
Hello and it's great to meet you. I appreciate the follow and wish you success.
Sui_generis Premium
Welcome to WA, Rosa and thank you for following me. I sold Avon for years! I was a team lead at one point. You can make pretty good money. I wish you much success in your journey here. ~Debbi
BobBarr Premium
Thanks for the follow, Rosa -- following you back. Welcome aboard and congratulations on making the jump to premium. All the best to you here at WA.
MPerron Premium
Thank you for the follow, Rose!
Loes Premium
Hello Rose, welcome, nice to meet you, thanks for the follow, my present to you, 101+ amazing free tools to make your website look special http://workathomefuture.com/cool-amazing-free-website-tools, see you around, greetings Loes
Thanks the follow
BelieveItYes Premium
Hey there!
Thanks for the follow! Best wishes =)
juliettestar Premium
BusinessMe, thank you for the welcome. Your energy permeats the ethers. I feel you and share your dream. I once heard someone say,
" if you can see it, you can hold it in your hand." First the thought, then the thing. The manifest world is an idea in mind first. What I love about WA is the collective dream and intention of empowering each other to master internet marketing so we can be of benefit and help others live the life of their dreams while we monitize our gifts, skills and talents.
JillS Premium
Welcome and thank you for the following. I am sure that you will enjoy the experience here at WA. There is so much information and everyone in this community is here to help one another. Good luck to you and your journey.
Yaz-08 Premium
Hey :) Thank you for the follow, and nice message. Welcome to you too! I wish you all the best here at WA, and I am looking forward to connect with you.
timsproducts Premium
Hey thanks for your welcome message
Jonicas Premium
Hello BusinessME,

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate.

Thank you for the follow and I am following you back.

I wish you the very best of success.
grampamike Premium
Hi, it’s a pleasure to meet me, lol.

No seriously, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for following me. I’m pretty impressed with WA training and I think we will find a gold mine of information. Hmmm, seems like geniuses like us tend to gather in the same place (lol).

Anyway, here’s wishing you all my best for your success with online marketing. Let me know if I can help you.
pinkabella Premium
Hi and thanks for the for the follow
Gordon-D Premium
Hi Rose thanks for the follow i wish you all the very best here at WA in achieving your goals work hard follow the tutorials and you will succeed Good Luck
linat Premium
Thanks for the follow! Great to connect with you! Let me know if you need any help or if I can help you to make money Online, or with your Smartphone that I been doing for 6 years!
riyazashu Premium
Thank you for follow and I follow you too.
LisB247 Premium
Hi Rosa, welcome to WA, congratulations on becoming a premium member and thank you for including me in your network.

When I started at WA I had a lot of ideas as to what I wanted to create, as an online business. I had to leave for a while, due to family problems and came back with a fresh mind.

I realised that what I needed to do was to look within myself and think or write down all the True passions and ideas that I had within.

What is it that you have always wanted to do?
Where does your heart truly lie?

When you can answer these questions then you have found your niche. Be it with bringing up a child/children, knitting, cooking, reading, dancing etc.

Find your niche through your lifelong dreams and you will not run out of words :)

Hope this helps.

Garden77 Premium
This is Glenn a fellow premium member like your self dropping by to say special welcome, lots of success and most of all have fun
SridharRay Premium
Hi BusinessME. Welcome to Welathy Affiliate.
Wealhy affiliate supports you with your plan. First things First:
Skill development:
Never miss the whole training – two sections are there ( supporting products and supporting WA)
Take actions while you learn.
This is not sprint. This is a marathon.
Ask, Ask, Ask.... you go forward much faster.
This is proven support system. You need to make choices
Maintain balance during the process. You will succeed.
Good luck.
BusinessME Premium
Thank You for your words of wisdom and support
Labman Premium
Hi and welcome to WA, Thanks for following me back
scottn1323 Premium
Congrats and welcome to WA. The best advice I can give is to find what your passion is (not always easy) and that should be a great place to start. Turn that into a niche and build your business around that passion and niche. The training courses here will help you do that and the community will help in anyway possible.
upsgirl Premium
Hello! You came to the right place! You made the right decision to become a Premium Member! If you need ANYTHING, just ask! Have a good time and best wishes!
Mikey72 Premium
Rosa, Thanks for Following. I hope you have Great Success with your Time spent here on WA, and I wish you Success in achieving all of your Goals!
woxdy Premium
Welcome to Premium! You are well on your way to success!
Kyle Premium
Absolutely everything you need is here at Wealthy Affiliate to create and grow your business to any level online. I really do look forward to working with you and as you move forward you are really going to see your business come together.

If you ever need a hand with anything, please do let me know Rosa. ;)

PS. I hope you have an awesome week ahead!
kevinmj Premium
Hey Rosa...

Just dropping by to see how you are doing.

I noticed you haven't quite setup your Wealthy Affiliate account completely with a photo and/or profile description.

Do you need any help with this? It's real easy to do...

Here's a video explaining how to it: Setting up your account is really important because people like to know a little about you before they reach out and connect with you. It shows you are a real person.

Folks here at Wealthy Affiliate are 5x more likely to connect with you and answer any questions you may have if you have completed your profile description.

So go ahead and let us know a bit about you so we can reach out to you and help you achieve your goals. :)

kevinmj Premium
First off, hello and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Rosa! I am Kevin and I'm here to help you along the way. If you ever have any questions or need a hand with anything, do let me know as I truly am here to help you get things moving in the right direction.

As a new member here, you should check out the Online Entrepreneur Certification "Getting Started" course (Level 1). This is a 10 lesson course that will get you taking action on daily tasks that will lead to you building the initial foundation of your business (exciting stuff!). Here is the link that you will see within your main menu labeled "Get Started Here". I also want to offer you a bonus if you do decide to take us up on our Premium offer. Our Premium membership is like nothing else that is out there in the industry and will truly help lead you to the ultimate success in online business.


If you join Premium within the first 7 days, here are some bonuses that I am going to be giving you:

(1) You are going to get a 59% discount on your first month Premium membership (only $19)
(2) You are going to get personal and private access to me! If you ever have a question or need help with your campaigns, I will be there.
(3) I am going to be giving you the "Diamond Traffic Bonus"

But only if you join in your first 7 days (this is what I call my "action takers" bonus).

Anyways Rosa, I thought I would introduce myself and if you have any questions going forward, let me know. :) Wonderful to have you as part of the community here at WA!

Wishing you great success!