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I'm no techy, so I'm always looking to make things nice and easy. This is a great find, no affiliate link here and I have no connections with this website whatso ever.There are a few factors to help your site load faster. One of them is to reduce the file size of your images. This site is free to use, they ask for a donation but that's entirely up to you.The image below was was 68.5 KB I dragged and dropped it in to the website and it reduced it to 17.5 KB that's -75%. I can't tell the differenc
Ok to all you marketers out there.I’ve thought of running my URL through the Google Keyword Planner. Google will then crawl the site looking for keywords. Surely the page will then be indexed by Google.Your thoughts please.
Video isn’t too difficult to do, although you may have to spend money getting there. I see it more as an investment for my business, what’s the old saying, speculate to accumulate. You can get free tools to start if the cash is tight. YouTube is free to upload and here are some ideas for free editing software . I have no affiliation with this website and have not used this particular software. Always be careful when downloading anything.If you
I’ve been missing for a year from WA, but one thing I’ve noticed since coming back is;Why do people ask a question on chat then disappear?Some people even ask for a review and you never hear from them again.If someone replies to a question or a blog or anything then at least leave a reply. They’ve taken time out from a busy schedule to answer and maybe had to research that answer. Please have the decency to reply with at least ok or thanks. If you’re too busy to reply then you’re surel
Now don’t get me wrong guys this is Brand Awareness only. There are some searches for the keywords but its more brand awareness than anything else. anyone buys from you they need 3 things.1) To know you.2) To trust you3) To like you.People buy people not products or services.If you want to sell what John Brown Buys, then just look through John Browns eyes.If John Brown is repeatedly seeing your brand then the trust is being built. H
I use this tool all the time; it’s a spell checker on steroids.It also counts;WordsCharactersSentences Avg. Sentence (words) Avg. Sentence (characters) Paragraphs It also gives you a Reading Level and best of all, Keyword Density. Which we all know is vital.Enjoy, I love it and it’s free
I’m sure he's confused me with someone else. People do get confused sometimes. I had to tell my mother-in-law I wasn’t taking her daughter to Florida for the honeymoon. I just said I was going to tamper with her…. See, easily done isn’t. I’m confused about a lot of things like, where do Forrest Rangers go to get away from it all. And why do they lock gas station bathrooms? Are they afraid someone will clean them? Come to think of it why bother using a sterile needle for lethal injec
Just a quick warning to all the technical geniuses, I’m starting work on my blog again. I’ve got a lot going for me at the moment; My hairs going, My wife’s going, And my cars going. So needs must, I’ve cleared the decks and I’m ready. Please make sure you have suitable protection and a crash helmet, it’s going to get messy. As all of you know I’m thicker than a submarine door regarding the technical side of things so be gentle with me and explain everything as if you’re t
Hello WA just a heads up, if you have your own Google Places Listing or sell Google Places to local businesses you need to act fast. Google Maps are changing yet again and it looks like you need to update your info. Google have been emailing this information out and takes effect on the 21st Feb. Here is a post I fell across from Search Engine Journal. They're usually a very relia
Today we are flooded with information; the internet gives us information overload. The world and his wife want to sell you something online, we are bombarded daily, buy this, buy that, stop this and do that. Because of this phenomenon entire industries have been created to combat this with spam filter and pop up blocker software and a myriad of other products. Your prospects/customers have built barriers to stop you getting to their money. So what do we do? If you want to sell what John Bro