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Hi guys, Suddenly thought - any of you wanting a site that is tried and tested, reasonable ($15 once-off) and gives you free leads for internet marketing?I use, and endorse them.Maybe it will help you too. and Best,Buddle
Hi all those who wanted to read the next part of my white water rafting experience, I have just posted it on my website. I hope you enjoy.
Morning All,Since asking you fantastic friends to comment on my website, I have been uplifted by your reactions in the most unexpected ways. Thank you all, so much. You have no idea how encouraging it is, as I get such a kick out of writing the articles.However, CREDENCE MUST BE GIVE TO MY DESIGNER TOO.She has been amazing, and delivered the goods in record time. She has a flare for knowing exactly what you want, and getting it done.The best news is that she is a WA member!So, without further a
December 24, 2015
This isn't really a blog. It is just to show today I announced to the world my very own website! Happy Christmas, Me!