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Last Update: February 26, 2015

Hey all,
Bit slow to start here... signed up to premium and hoping for the best.

I don't know about you guys but i tend to have the habit of following shiny new things.
I first found out about affiliate marketing from a guy called jay who made a website named lazyass stoner. I was immediately hooked on finding out more about all this.
Bought his program and then just couldn't stick to it.

I found it really hard to just come up with great content and write stuff up.
But I'm hoping for something different here.
Nothing against his screw95 program, it's great and it walks you through everything and even has an online community as well (not that i actually engaged in it)

But here at WA is just something different. I'm sure everyone reading this understands.
been here for over a week and I've only just created a website... no content yet which I'm almost dreading.
What I love about here is that there's so much more engagement...everyone is encouraging eachother and helping each other out.

Another shiny thing I'm involved in is network marketing... or MLM. I'm starting to loose interest in it as they're trying to get me out of my comfort zone and approach people to sell a product that, to be honest I don't think they'll even want.

What I like, and think is better about affiliate marketing is that you're communicating and selling to people who are actually interested and searching for what you have.

What do you guys reckon... MLM or WA

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TJamil Premium
I am not biased just because I'm a WA member, but from the sound of your context above, it seems to me that WA would be a better option.
bsaxby Premium
Yeah that's true.
It just seems so much easier and a lot more fun doing WA.
Another member made his first sale within the first two weeks which is awesome....small one be it but it's still something.