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For those of you that wondered what had happened to me, I had some health issues crop up that have taken me offline for probably the last 2 months or so. The picture above is not far from the truth of the matter.While I am nowhere near 100% I hope to be back on here a little bit each day, or at least every couple of days from here on out. I won't be able to do hours each day, at least for a while, but I will try to get back on track. A special thanks to those of you that have reached out to ask
My Email ExperimentI had an idea back in February and decided to try it out. The results surprised even me, I suspect they will shock you.I noticed that I had been getting what seemed to be an ever increasing number of emails from different email marketers. I wanted to gauge just how bad this problem was. I setup a new email address and subscribed to one dozen (12) marketers. I didn't touch this email for a month. Thirty one days later I checked this email. This is when I got one of the biggest
What is a long tail keyword? A long tailed keyword is one that has a lower search volume and is more specific than a regular or "head" keyword. It may have more words, but word count alone does NOT make it a long tail keyword.Think about retail inventory. Long tail inventory is merchandise that sits for a longer period of time. It may have a higher percentage markup than regular inventory because the store needs to make its' money back on that space where the inventory sits.The store may turn r
May 26, 2018
Content, the second most important feature of your success.....Writing great content is one of the most important things that we can do as we try to make the transition from newbie to a success in online marketing. Everyone writes and hopes that what they have so painstakingly written will be read. I'm sure that there are different methods to the process, but here are mine.ResearchIt would be great if we didn't have to research our topics. It would make it so much easier to put up content more
Realistic Goals and reaching for moreThis blog wasn't even on my list of things to think about and certainly not to write about. I just happened to stop by Kyle's page on "What are your "money" goals?" It got me to thinking, which of course lead me to writing.It's great to have a high goal for yourself, BUT it must also be realistic. If you set a goal of $1,000,000 per year that might be realistic if you have a big enough budget to pay professional writers to write content for you for a year
There are a lot of people that want to earn extra money online. Sometimes I think that every single person in the world is an opportunity seeker. One of the major problems that I see with this is that there are so many people promoting overnight wealth, instant wealth, push button wealth, and the like.I'm going to come right out and say it. If you are looking for FAST CASH well then Wealthy Affiliate is NOT for you! There, I've said it. If you believe that Wealthy Affiliate will make you rich
To the long term members here at WA, I'd like to offer my thanks. Many of you have helped me out with advice or training. I've made sure that most of those who have helped me know that they have done so by either commenting on their training or pm'ing them my thanks or a question to clarify.Many of you have taken your time to help the newer members with questions and problems. I'd like to encourage even more of the members here to do so. Even if you would only answer a couple of questions a wee
I've promised to redo the social media module today. I've been through it once, but I just breezed through it because A) it holds absolutely NO interest for me and B) I guess it scares me as it is something completely new and foreign to my way of thinking. As I've said before, I am a serious introvert.I've put it off as long as I can this morning so here I sit finally ready to go through this module again. It's odd because I know that to be successful I will need to use social media and yet I'd
May 16, 2018
Do the rich hold the poor back?This post is being written because someone objected to the thought that the poor should/could invest in bettering themselves. This is hopefully going to be a simplified overview of the economy and choices that we all make. PLEASE note that because of time and space constraints I will have to make generalizations.The first thing that I'd like to bring up here is WHY would that make any sense to anyone? The rich have no reason to want to hold the poor back. Why do I
May 13, 2018
It's Mother's Day and I'd like to wish all of you Mother's, Mom's, Mum's, Ma's, Mama's, etc a happy and healthy Mother's Day with your loved ones (or at least hold them in your thoughts).Many of our mothers aren't perfect, some are mean, some distant. Everyone deals with their own problems in this life and many of us have no clue as to what is going on inside of their loved one's minds.Yes, there are some mothers that I wouldn't want to wish a happy anything to, other than maybe happy go to jai