The Power of Questions

Last Update: April 06, 2016


Why are questions so important? Questions put you in charge of the conversation! By asking questions you are gathering information that will lead you to the problem the other person has. The more information you gather the better you can help that person.

Questions you can ask

One big question is (how can I help you?) In Network Marketing it doesn't matter what business we are in, if you have the belief level you are with a good company that has a good pay plan, good products and great service you can just about help anyone if you listen to what their problem is.

  • If they have a health issue you can provide a product.
  • If it's service related they may want to cut down on their electricity or gas bill.
  • If they don't have time or money you can offer them the business opportunity.
  • They may be lacking in business skills. you can offer them more skills because you have been in the business longer than they have, and you can help them.

Being in Network Marketing, you are in the right place at the right time and you can help them be there with you.

How to listen

Asking questions is good when you want to listen more to find out what the problem is the other person has. Most important you need to listen more than talk. As the person is talking you are building rapport. Nodding your head helps the person to keep talking. By building rapport you are bonding with that person.

Asking questions they are interesting in will show that you are interested in them and they will become interested in you. I am sure you have met people you didn't know and carried on a conversation and asked them questions before you got into Network Marketing.

So don't feel like you have become a shark swimming all around them thinking you have to show your business plan, and how great it would be for them to become a business partner. Just chit-chat, build rapport and you may become a friend.

Throw all your scripts away, get rid of your agenda. If you have an agenda to sponsor people into your business that's not so good, because it becomes across more about you rather then them. If your agenda is to find a problem and help solve it, that is a great agenda to have. You will feel much better because you are helping someone out.


Not sure what questions to ask. you can start out using FORM, I still use it today.

F- family...married, children

O- around here, I hear it’s a great place to work

R - you like baseball, hockey, hiking

M - money...

How can I help you?


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The ability to listen is hugely important, thank you :)
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