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Last Update: August 23, 2020

Hello WA folks!

That's my Boxer dog Gus up above. He was just a few months old when that pic was taken. He's now almost 2 and many pics will be coming. He actually did grow into those ears!

So I'm finishing up Level 2 and here to write my first WA Blog. I've learned so much in a short time and very excited about that. The progress I've made in creating my own website is much further along than I thought I might be at this time. I've been on board with Wealthy Affiliate for only a week and have a website sort of built. Definitely ready for the next step in getting it done and making it workable so I can continue to learn how to begin making money on this site.

I will say a few things about the training so far. It's easy to follow Kyle's teaching, thank you for that Kyle! Following step by step procedures for all that we have to learn is great! I say that because I was part of another program and felt there was much to learn on my own even with the training they supplied. However, and I mean this in the most positive way, there are some items on the website that I don't understand. It may very well be that I'm totally new at this and I'm either doing something wrong or it's just not making sense to me. For instance, when I create a rich word post in the Site Content, it comes up differently when I login to the Wordpress portion. I posted a picture of my Boxer since that's the niche I'm in (will explain after this) and found it didn't transfer over to Wordpress. I had to do a copy / paste in order for them to be the same. So that may be user error and I'll have to figure it out, but it was a little confusing. Another item I noticed is that it's difficult to move menus around on the website. Okay, that may be easy for some, but I'm new at this. Picking out the right theme is tough especially when you want to grab the reader and it seems I'm unable to place menus where I want them for some reason...again, stuff to learn. One last thing, I am not sure of the difference between a Post and a Blog! Can anyone explain not just the meaning because I believe I know that, but the content of where it would go on your site. It simply shows up as a post which is fine, but I have nothing on my home page and nothing on blog page.

Okay, enough of the trash talk..LOL. All kidding aside, this has been really fun and I'm excited each day wondering how much closer I'm going to be before I actually get to work my website.

My Niche...well that would be a fun way to look at Pet Supplies. I'd like to be an affiliate partner with many of the sites and stores that supply pet supplies. I'm a Boxer dog enthusiast and love training and working with dogs and other animals. I've had just about every animal from exotic lizards and snakes to dogs and guinea pigs. So this is a fun site for me and I'd love to create a following where people can blog, share photos of their pets and we can discuss toys, food, nutrition and many other pet products I'd be able to market.

My goals are pretty simple. Within the next 30 days, I'd like to have my site pretty much completed and ready to go. The next 90 days I'd like to have my first sale and possibly begin creating my email list to keep the growth going. Within 180 days, I'd definitely like to be making enough money to spend more time doing this than regular work. My ultimate goal however, is to have this as my full-time job. I'm very excited about what I can offer others out there and would love to host a site where people enjoy coming to just because I've made it fun, entertaining and educational along with providing them with products they can use.

Well, thank you all for the help some of you have provided in such a short time. I look forward to learning much more and to being able to help others in their drive to build an online business. Take care all and reach out anytime!

Bruce (and Gus of course!)

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CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Welcome to WA (again), Bruce.

You are already in good hands as Chrystopher has started to guide you and provided some answers and direction regarding the questions that you asked.

A lot of what you want to know is already available by searching in the "Need help Bruce? Ask your question here..." search bar at the top, left of your WA screen.

You will notice that WA is a VERY supportive Community.
Feel free to reach out when you need to.

It's great to have you here and we look forward to supporting you towards your goals.

Eliteme Premium
Welcome to you and your boxer, he is cute.
Bruce1967 Premium
Thank you!
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Nice dog. I am happy for you.
JohaneG Premium
Congratulations and well done.
ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
Well done on your first blog :-) You have a few questions there buried within the content, some of which can be answered here, others have been asked before and you can use the search bar above and others that would warrant their own thread under the questions section on your profile.

A blog is a section on your website that contains posts, that are timely pieces of content. Often referred to as a blog post. Just like WA have this blog section on your profile that contains this post, and many more to come.

As for not appearing on your website and the menus, you might want to search above or ask these as separate questions, so that we can answer them in more depth for you, allowing you to add your website and screenshots etc.
Bruce1967 Premium
Thank you Chrystopher! Ya sorry, a couple questions buried in there. I'll ask a couple questions today when I get more into this so I can be more specific. Really appreciate your help.