Illinois Residents Rejoice

Last Update: May 15, 2014

Whether it is a good or a bad thing to be an Amazon Affiliate seems to discussed often. I know that Amazon has been cutting it's commissions and that other affiliate programs have always offered higher commissions.

Many states have been excluded from being Amazon Affiliates due to state laws. Illinois used to be one of those. That's right! As of November 2013 Amazon Affiliates has been re-instated for Illinois residents.

It may not be the best affiliate program available, but it is always nice to have options right?

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whiskeyrebel Premium
Being an Illinois resident, this makes me very happy. Thanks Brooke!
divadejunk Premium
Everywhere you go, you hear people getting something from Amazon. The percentages are low, but get hundreds to thousands of sales a month and you can make some easy money without the headache of shipping . . . and returns. I think Amazon has a good program.
Tracy47 Premium
If nothing else, the cookies are great. Last year I sent out my site to all my friends and asked them to click on the links to make sure they worked. A few weeks later, right after Thanksgiving, I noticed a huge increase in Amazon commissions. I realized I had captured all of their cookies and they were buying Christmas gifts. HAHA!