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Last Update: December 29, 2017

Hey Everyone,

If we haven't connect here yet, my name is Brok and I run a few "Make Money Online" niche blogs with my main one being fulltimejobfromhome.com

I started my site a few years back and have grown to the point of bringing on contributors (paid writers with byline and link.)

I've already hired a few outside contributors and VAs to help me with my business, but wanted to reach out to the WA community because I'm looking for high quality writers that understand the process of making money.


  • Someone who's completed the Affiliate Bootcamp training
  • Preferably someone who has a site in the "Make money online" niche
  • Understand the process of writing and formatting post in wordpress
  • Ability to research companies, products, systems.


This will be a paid contributor position. That means you'll get paid to write content and have an authors box with a description and link back to your site on everything you write.

My site covers several different topics such as work at home jobs, extra income sites, and making money with a blog.

I'm pretty much covered on WAH jobs and extra income, but am looking for reviews of products and scams that we would recommend Wealthy Affiliate over.

That's why it's essential that you've complete the affiliate bootcamp and preferred that you have a site where you're already doing this.

Advantages For You

Wanted to add a few words about how this could be beneficial for you, because I know we are all here to build a business of our own!

  1. This is a long-term deal which means a consistent paycheck
  2. All of your content links back to your site which means more exposure for you and your site.
  3. My site is established and your content will get treated just like mine, meaning it gets shared to thousands of social media followers and sent out to over 15,000 email subscribers

I know this won't be for everyone, but wanted to reach out to WA community before hiring someone else!

How To Apply

If you have any questions, feel free to leave comments below.

If you're interested in applying, please send me a private message with writing examples, blog URL, and any questions you might have.

Have a Happy New year and hope to talk soon,


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rileyroman Premium
What a great idea ... wish I were further along with my writing, been here five months. I love writing though and when I improve my skills would be very interested if you need more writers still.

stay humble & kind,
DEversley Premium
Hi Brok!
It's great to have you back:).
I am very much interested in this offer. I will PM you.

All the best!
RushaniM Premium
I have just completed the course and am in the process of setting up my blog but would love to contribute in the meantime as a way of both building up my profile and contributing to an already established community.

If you think that would be viable given I don't yet have a site to point you to, I would be happy to do a test post for you to judge that I'm up to your standards.

Let me know if this might work and we can chat further.

Congratulations on the up leveling and getting to this point :-)
sdawson Premium
Brok, do you intend to ask for blogs on certain subjects? How many words? (1100 to1500)? Have you considered putting a writing gig on Fiverr?
BrokFTJFH Premium
Yes, most of the content will be reviews of "make money online" sites, programs, systems.

800 words+ is pretty much the guidelines.

Most Fiverr gigs are for copywriters which isn't what I'm looking for really.

It is an option to get content and other website work done though.

Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment

Shwni Premium
Sounds like a good idea but the problem with hiring people from here is that everybody has their own websites to write for so I'm pretty sure that they would want to keep the material for themselves. It's only my opinion though, but good luck and I hope somebody can help you out :)
BrokFTJFH Premium
Thanks for the comment Matthew. This is by no means for everyone and you're not wrong!

Some advantages would be a consistent paycheck and increased exposure to you and your site.

I'll add a bit more about advantages inside the post. Thanks for the feedback.

Shwni Premium
Like I said, it's just my opinion, it might work for some people.
Best of luck