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Because I Made 3 Mistakes:1. I started with a "niche" thinking about money, get stuck somewhere in the training, only to find that it's not the niche I'm passionate about. Then switched to Bootcamp for sometime and hit a bump another time. Finally followed my passion and without thinking about money. That "Finally" took me 5 weeks after joining WA.2. I'm "no writer", fell into "Writer's Block Syndrome" often, and wasted hours without producing anything. It took me more than a week to write my f
I decided to go yearly premium last week after joining 2 months, for 3 reasons:Learn The Basics - Foundation to SuccessBe honest, it's always hard and time-consuming to learn about basics. As a newbie to affiliate marketing and online business. it took me 2 months to complete level 2 training while working pretty hard. Yet I learned a lot and believe I'm improving.Learning the basics in WA is for long term success, you have to be patient and put in a lot of effort consistently. The road could b
HOORAY! After joining WA for 2 months, finally I completed OEC Training Level 2 today. ; )My Progress Thus FarTraining - OEC Level 2 completedNiche - help first time marathon runners to finish their first marathon race.Post to my website - 4 keyword rich posts published excluding "About Me"Blog at WA - 5 blogs including this, one of them reached Top 2 blog of the dayGo Premium Yearly 5 days agoMember rank - 2993My Plan For Coming 3 Months Completed OEC Training Level 524 new posts to my website
Give me a large piece of paper, let me fold it 50 times. How tall do you think the final stack will be?Gladwell Again? Oh No!I'm no fan of Gladwell, just an admirer. That's why he appears thrice in my 4 posts including this one.If you have read his "Tipping Point", perhaps you remember something about the height of the stack of a 50 fold paper approximate to reach the Sun from the Earth.You may be wondering how to fold a paper 50 times. It's not that difficult: do the fold one at a time.Boy, Yo
I spent $19 in WA, and I'm not going to pay another $49. Today is the last day of my Premium First Month.Perhaps it's time to wrap up on what I've got in WA to this point, and say thank you to some of my dear fellows.Get Inspiration. Follow My Passion.Joined WA, got a "niche" thinking of making money and stuck somewhere, I switched to Bootcamp only to hit a bump another time.Then I found LynneHuy's blog: Follow Your Passion and Forget About Money - Sounds Crazy Right?Aha! I followed my passion
I'm no writer. Good at maths and science at college while just average in languages, well, it was 30 some years ago. Writing used to be a tough task for me.One Blog One Post So Far!Joined 1.5 months, got merely one blog in WA, one post published to my site and 2 posts WIP for past 2 weeks. Not a good progress really. Gotta learn to move fast and catch up!Slow Down To Move Fast?Press the "Pause" this evening to read Malcolm Gladwell's "Outliers" again, my favorite author and my third time on thi
Being stuck in lesson 7 of level 1 in Online Enterpreneur Certification, my training stood still for 2 weeks without any progress. I quit.... almost.Switched to Bootcamp last week and got my momentum again. Wow, just completed Bootcamp level 1!Glad to let you know I'm back. And after joining as a starter member for nearly 4 weeks, I go premium today.As for Affiliate Marketing, certainly I'm still a starter. So now got a "Premium Starter" on my badge.CheersBrian