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I've been here for 6 months today and during that time I have read several blogs congratulating members, thanking others and many items of praise. We are all familiar with some very noteworthy members who are really valuable to this community. They provide training that has been a source of tremendous benefit to those of us who would otherwise feel a bit lost at times.There are yet others who post every couple of days or so with brilliant resource ideas and tips. I can think of one in particula
If you're like me I like to see that I'm advancing in challenges and opportunities. In the time that I've been at WA I've seen others climb the ranks and move into the 200's, the 50's and even Ambassadorship. I found this very inspiring and wanted to follow their lead. Do you ever check your ranking and find ways to better it? Are you motivated by your WA ranking and how important is it to you?All the best,Brian
Every first achievement is cause for great excitement. As a child when your mom or dad took the training wheels off your bicycle and you managed to keep your balance, your heart thumped inside your chest.That's what it feels like to see my post ranked on page one for the first time. I posted last night and within an hour it was there. I'm not right at the top but guess what? I'm not at the bottom either.Thanks to a new member who unwittingly sent out a spam spoof on live chat two days ago I got
If you only ever changed one person's life for the better in your lifetime, would it be worth it? I believe in eternity and I remind myself that every passing day is one day closer to that final destination. What have I done today that will forever be etched on the records by which I will give an account one day?I'm grateful that at WA there is a place for people to reach out to one another in ways that extend beyond the training and the webinars and the commissions. In the past day there have
What kind of service is this?I'll tell you what kind of service it is, some of the best there is. EVER! This is not going to be a long post. I only want to report to all my fellow WA'ers that during the time that I have been at WA I have obviously had a few technical issues that I have needed help with. Knowing that SiteSupport is very busy I would first try and figure out a solution myself. Failing this I would recruit some of the expert advice at my disposal within the community.I'm not going
Not only do we have a fabulous catalogue of tutorials and posts and comment threads that we can follow, but we can also manage them. I mentioned in a previous post that I love using the search bar. I've only just discovered that I can also bookmark items that I can go back to time and again.It's very mch like adding a page of a website to a folder that we have on our browser. I often go back to items that I have searched for previously and don't always remember how or where I found it. Even if
What are you promoting?This morning I had a very good idea about a method that I would like to apply to promote Wealthy Affiliate. I have spent the better part of the day fine-tuning my approach and one of the principle components was my SALES page.If you're in Bootcamp, you want a SALES page. This is a page that is specifically dedicated to what WA is all about. Why is it the online marketing school to attend?Who is it designed for?What is it going to cost?How does it work?Where can I sign up?
This is what my reaction was the other day when I logged on the other day. Was this a warning from the bosses at Wealthy Affiliate? What have I done that I was not aware of?Rank changeIt wasn't a warning. It was a notice to inform me that I had made the Top 200. This was exciting because it served to confirm that I was moving forward. I haven't been here for 2 months yet so as much as I was thrilled about this, I was also very shocked. I actually didn't think that it was possible to get to wher
If you are just starting out on an exciting journey into the world of online activity like myself then you'll want to learn as much as possible to get you off to a great start. I want to share something with all the other newbies that I think is a very important element in content writing and that is the meta description.I submitted my sitemap yesterday and saw today that it had all been indexed. I was not only relieved by this but also excited so I wanted to see if and where my pages and posts
March 17, 2018
What a curious title? As someone who has just recently embarked on this online adventure I have been faced with several challenges. This, of course, is not unique to me but to everyone who has embraced the excitement of creating a blog. There is a juggling element or balancing factor that comes into play. What comes first?Do I first create a beautiful looking website and then focus on producing content? Or do I get my content published so that Google will start indexing me and hopefully ranking