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Hi, St Albans in Melbourne Australia is where live. In the past I have tried various ideas to set up an online income, but never with the type of help being offered here.

I am in WA to earn an income online.
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Money Goals
Money I would be happy earning
$3,000.00 per month
Money I would be ecstatic earning
$10,000.00 per month
Time I'm willing to invest to achieve my goals
10-15 hrs per week
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Jan 2, 2019
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BrianCacci Premium
How much money would you be happy earning?
$3,000.00 per month

How much would you be ecstatic earning?
$10,000.00 per month

And how much time are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
10-15 hrs per week
JackieSmith Premium
Hey Brian,
These are fantastic goals and are definitely achievable!

I know you can do it with the time you are willing to invest.

As you work through the training, please do ask questions if you are unsure about anything. There are action-based tasks at the end of each lesson.
Complete these and you will be laying one brick at a time for what will be your own successful online business.

Make use of all the tools that you have here, and don't forget that you have a large community of fellow entrepreneurs rooting for you!

All the best!
Kyle Premium
Broken down, this is going to be more than achievable for you (and then some). The internet has over 2 billion people actively search for and buying things online. All you need to do is connect with a few of these people each day to meet your initial goal!

I know with some hard work and persistence you will achieve all of your goals and then be building brand new ones. I am here to help if you ever need anything and you have an entire community rooting for your success here at WA Brian! :)
Silverspot Premium
Hi there they are very good goals now just work for them even when you feel like giving up just keep going and work harder!
I have followed you to keep track of your success and your wins I hope you follow me back!
Have a good year!
BrianCacci Premium
Thank you for your interest by following me Lily, I am following you as well. As a newbie to WA I'm out to learn what I can as quickly as I can.
All the best for the New Year. This year for me will change everything. :)
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rickdware Premium
Welcome to WA PREMIUM
You've made a life-changing decision. If you stick with it, over time your greatest dreams will come true. Can you imagine what it was like when the first owners of telephones placed them? They were cash machines.

You purchased a cash machine when you chose to go premium. You have proven to be a true entrepreneur and a goal setting winner. Please don't forget to FOLLOW BACK AND LIKE OFTEN. In fact, thank you in advance for the follow back and the like!

Your ranking will improve when you comment and like just like in the real world when people follow and like your site will move higher in the search engine. Follow the training to get a deep understanding of the internet. So, again, thank you in advance for the following. Enjoy and take it easy.
Karin13 Premium
Welcome to Premium here at Wealthy Affiliate! I think you will find all that you need, and more here to get you started and to help you build beautiful websites that can make you a nice income! If I can be of any help, please let me know!

Best wishes,
Karin :)
KenShaddock Premium
Welcome Brian, Nice to see on your post a pic of the Yarra River in Melbourne. I'm in Keilor Park Melbourne and have found this a joyous experience learning some every day as I visit WA.
You are excited I can tell.
Your feelings about the WA community on day 1 is very true of what you will find as you journey forward.
Thank you for the follow, I am following you back. I look forward to hearing of your breakthroughs and successes, and your uniqueness that I am sure will bring much to us all.
BrianCacci Premium
Hi Ken, I am in St Albans off Taylors Rd. Yes certainly learning a lot with WA. Looking forward to the fruits of this learning :)
KenShaddock Premium
Know it well Brian, there yesterday. Took a haircut in St Albans and played that street piano in Alfrieda Street. You will shine in 2019.
AmazeCPS Premium
Happy New Year 2019
Hi, dear, I'm Samantha. I like to be a friend with you to share information regarding different business ideas. If you also like to join with my network. please accept/follow me back. Thanks
JackieSmith Premium
Hey Brian!

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate.

Thanks for accepting my invitation to check it out.

Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to be if you want to learn about Internet marketing, online business, and how to earn revenue from it.

To begin, please introduce yourself by setting up your account. This will allow people to get an idea of who you are so they are better placed to help you on your journey.

By completing these simple steps it will show that you're serious about learning how to succeed at this business.

Check out the short video here on how to set up your account: -------------
Top Tips

Check out this guide before you begin the training.
You will find great tips that will set you up for success! ----------

The Main Training that I mentioned in my blog can be accessed by clicking the link below: If at any time you need help, just ask. Within the first 7 days, you will also have access to Live Chat - so check that out too.

People are more inclined to help if you've completed your profile as described above.

Anyways, just dropping by to welcome you and to let you know that you can contact me personally by using the link below.


Best of luck!