How to Generate Natural Comments

Last Update: December 05, 2015

Here's a post about generating natural comments from people outside of the WA arena. Although I really think that the comment section here at WA is great and very effective, it's always nice to get some that come more naturally. Although I'm no guru, I've found a way to encourage some fresh genuine comments to my site, and I think you can benefit from this method.

An Authority in your Niche

If you are following the tutorials here at WA, there's no small indicator that you should be following a niche of some sort, writing about a topic that you're already familiar with. As I've experienced, the more research you do to create a page or post, the better you understand what you're writing about even if you had a firm grip on the topic to begin with. There's always something to learn from just about anything.

I experience that all the time. You walk away from a post you've created all that much more informed than you were getting into it. No matter the subject, as time goes on, you will become more and more of an authoritative voice concerning what you've been spending your time on.

Encouraging others to Comment

A quick and easy way to encourage others to comment on any given page or post on your site is to simply invite them to. Maybe also end your post with a question.Keep in mind that you'd want to end the post with this method, as you want the reader to keep on going until the end. No need to encourage them early to stray.

If the reader takes off without seeing the call to comment at the end of your page, chances are they wouldn't have done it in the first place. That's why good old fashioned interesting content coupled with a target audience is so important. Is your post interesting enough for a reader to be compelled to engage you about?

No matter how thorough you might be, there's a good chance you might not have covered everything. When you've produced content that has kept the reader engaged, they may shoot you a question that you never even thought to cover. A quick statement at the end of the post may just tip the scales enough to provoke them to engage.

Q&A Page

This is something that has worked really well for me. Keep in mind, my site is faith based, a Christian site about the supernatural truth that can be found in the Bible. So in my niche, there are ample questions to be answered. What about your niche? I'm sure that there is a target rich environment concerning questions over just about any niche.

I had great success with a Q&A blog post that eventually became buried. However, several months later, I just did up another one, and questions came rolling in. What is great is every once and awhile, I can produce an entire post out of someone's question. And I just give a quick comment in response with a link pointing to that particular page.

It's amazing how the right question can inspire an answer that starts getting just too big to justify leaving it in the comments section. I've actually wound up with several pages of fresh content just answering questions concerning my niche. Many of these are not inspired via WA, and come from others outside of this site. Just recently, I've thrown up a static Q&A page so that it won't get buried.

That's how I do it, and to me anyways, it's been very effective. Do you have any strategic practice to promote others to engage you through your website's comment section?

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JudeP Premium
Very useful post, thank you :)
BReynolds Premium
My pleasure, Thanks for checking it out!
mijareze Premium
Hello BReynolds! Welcome to WA. Always good to find another believer. I too have a Christian based website. Great blog. I simply depend on my content to initiate comments. I have on several occasions, ended with questions about the next post. That's because I was writing about the book of Revelation in chronological order, really captivating topics about End Time Prophecy. Ok, glad to meet you!
BReynolds Premium
Hi there Ed, Strange anyone would have any questions about the book of Revelation. Bahahaha. What a topic to cover! That's great! I'll have to head over there and check it out! Thank you for the comment!