Excited and confused - just keep moving

Last Update: June 04, 2018

Stop,slow,and go,

So I’m moving along at what i can only describe as slower pace than i kinda would want .im learning a lot with my time here at WA .i have been both excited and confused.all with there own learning experience.

that being said i really m excited because i have a flow of content freeing itself from my brain. ,but I’m finding we’re I’m having the hardest time navigating is in appearance.moving my menus around,and figuring out widgets.i feel like i might be over thinking this.but ill get it some day.

Pictures on the move

So recently i have gone thru the ,putting media (pictures)on my site.i can get them on there but still having a hard time getting them were i want them too be.i fully understand it sometimes takes longer than we want sometime.but thats what makes us stronger for pushing thru the hard times,to get to the good times.

On a good note,being indexed ,no matter how small it is,is a good feeling for someone like myself to get to.so I’m going to be like the tortus not the hair and still win in the end.

Good feelings - positive thoughts

So I’m gonna move forward like Superman,and watch out for the criptonite.all and all i have learned so much in my short time here,this is a greatness kind of place.the people here awesome and very helpful.

That being said ,anyone who has gone thru similar blocks ,please feel free to let me in on your secret.thank you all for your time ,and i hope everyone is having as good a time here as me feel free to leave a comment even just about the WA life.


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Bryan8 Premium
When inserting images put your cursor where you want the image to be inserted. Once the image is there make sure to click on the alignment button for left, right, or center alignment.
BREWSKI1973 Premium
Funny enough Brian, I just figured it out as far as the media part goes.well mostly.i will get there..thank you for all your help over the times.
Bryan8 Premium
You're very welcome. Always glad to help!