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Hello, I am relatively new to online sale and work. but I have heard good things, and think that it has serious potential for me. Good luck to everyone starting out like myself. Happy holidays!
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ajmmdm1983 Premium
Thank you for Following. I hope you make great achievements with your Time spent here on WA, and I wish you Success in making all of your Goals come true!
jespinola Premium
First off welcome to Wealthy Affiliate.

Are you enjoyining the training here?! I recommend to to follow the training step-by step and wer are here to help you in your success.

You have all the tools, training and support here. If you have questions or doubts let us know.

Wishing you every success.

Jorge x
Ayugen Premium
Thank you for the follow and I have returned the honor.
Best wishes for success and fun here!
Shawn Martin Premium
Hi and thanks for the follow!
HomeCounties Premium
Hey, welcome to WA, this is where you will learn how to actually make some £ online, to get started click on the green 'get started here tab' on course 1 lesson 1, also check out the live chat feature :)

Also upload a photo of you or something which represents you and create your profile, that way more people will be willing to help you on your journey :)

Welcome and good luck, any questions, please ask.