A helpful Google overview for SEO

Last Update: January 31, 2016


In my never-ending quest to figure out whether I am doing SEO right I stumbled upon a great Google link and downloadable 32 page pdf "beginner's guide" to SEO. I would say that it is more than a beginner's guide and that it is a highly worthwhile read.


Beyond the immediate information within the link, it has a glossary of terms by page as well as plenty of content links to drive deeper within the topic areas.

I just finished it and learned multiple things I did not know. And that was without exploring the deeper links.

It's a great reference resource. Have a good read.

See you around the virtual hallways.


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JudeP Premium
Thanks for sharing :)
BradNY Premium
You're welcome.
BradStuart Premium
Thanks for the heads up on the Google SEO doc!, will review!
BradNY Premium
I'm still learning and it was straight from the horses mouth. It does take a while to get through it (even without the deep dives) but I think it is worth it.