WordPress Express update.

Last Update: September 07, 2010

I have a little update on my use of that WordPress Express deal here in WAP.

I don't know what has changed , maybe my using Bluehost and building another couple blogs and a site there has added to my knowledge,.....

Anyway I built a page to promote WA,...when I find time,.....HA!

And it took me about 15 minutes.

It still didn't become live for many hours but what the HEY!

I still have to nail down a pile of things that will just take some goofing around here and there like what is my theme to end up like and colours, (that IS the proper spelling you stupid computer!) and a few things like that but I have found that having something up there that you can look at and play with is inspiring and helps to move you to the next step.

Not to mention that once you get some text and keywords on there and Google and that other crowd of search engine rowdies starts to recognize it,...it gets aged.


have a good one.


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Old Mizer Premium
hehe... I find that to be the humorous part in a sarcastic sort of way. A lot of people who are starting will ask you how long it was before you saw your first sale. If you tell them 3 month they get that expression and ask, "WHAT?!?!" The truth of it all is what most do not understand. When you light the screen up in front of you and are ready to devote the time to it. Whether it is a couple of hours every day or every other day. Even if you can devote 6 hours a day to it the beginning looks like walking up to a salad bar. There are so many things to choose from. Where do I start? You pick a couple of things that look attractive and before you know it, your time is up. Asking yourself, "Where did the time go? Where did the day go?" While you get deeper into it and things are starting to take shape, that first sale comes along. Only to look at the calender and realize you have been at this 3 months. Asking, "Where did the months go??" Time seems to go by so fast that first sale will happen when you weren't even looking for it.