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Last Update: Feb 27, 2020

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Did you see a domain sold for $150,000? I just read an article that claims the domain 'bettingtips (dot) com" recently sold for $150,000. In the article, other domains sold for thousands of dollars. One guy paid $2200 for the domain of his last name, "LeCheminant (dot) com". Can you imagine having one of those domains to sell for thousands of dollars?

It can happen to you!

I have been a member of WA since 2012. I have seen some awesome success stories through the years. There are some members here at Wealthy Afffiliate that have been very successful in building affiliate websites and selling them for several thousands of dollars.

There are many ways to make money on the Internet. Getting paid commissions on another person's or company's product sales is the main focus of the training here at Wealthy Affiliate University. Applying what is learned here can be used to build your own products to sell, like trainings, great domain names and indexed websites.

Doing the work, putting in the time, researching the affiliate products and writing your own posts is the way to build a successul website business. At some point, you may decide you want to go in another direction. The option to sell your website is always possible. Finding a buyer that is willing to offer what you are willing to accept is the key to all sales.

Most of the websites I have sold were purchased prior to building. I have been looking at a lot of sites on flip sites like flippa and sedo. It is my goal to sell some of my domains Building a good website on them may be the best way to sell a domain for a higher price.

Have you made any money selling domains or websites that you built on a niche product or idea?

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I'm getting ready to flip a few great domains and look to use them to increase my marketing for my Local SEO business and tool kit for my flagship blog and other sites.

Use them or use the money from flipping them? I am confused by this statement. Flip typically means selling something for a profit.

I'm looking to use the funds raised to do marketing and buy additional tools needed for my sites. It looks to be a fun side hustle to both my SEO and my blog that could give a shot of income.

No, but I might some day.

Thanks for the response. It might be easier thinking that you are building a website to sell to someone.

That is a CRAZY amount of money for a better come with a lot more than just a name.

I ws surprised that they did not keep the site that went with it. I guess the site wasn't producing much income. I think it is a waste of resources. That domain was bought by a gaming company in Sweden. The domain is parked at GoDaddy right now.. There have been a lot of domains sold for even more. It does not make sense to me. I would understand if the domain was sitting on a well indexed site with traffic and a source of revenue.

I'm with you!!!!!

Yes, that can happen but the key would be demand for the domain name and a buyer with money to pay that kind of money for it. Betting/gambling industry makes more sense than a name for small businesses when it comes to pricing. However, if you are paying 100 for a domain and flip it for 1,000. That is already 10x and pretty good profit margins.

10x Profit Margins is Good Returns for sure.

I can't imagine paying that for a domain unless the website is included and it has been indexed with significant content. That domain was indexed but is currently parked at GoDaddy so obviously they did not buy the site with the domain.

Most likely they have a marketing budget of 3M for 1-2 years, therefore 5% in a good brand is acceptable.

Yeah I assume they have a lot more money than they need. There are a lot of domains out there that would be just as good.

Yes, the decision has more to do with money to spend that other name and brand options.

I saw 5 domains sold for $1 Million or more in 2019. I need to be in a place where someone has that kind of money to spend for something I own.

Yes, gotta look out for these. First is to find out which industry these guys paying big money are from. We know gambling/betting is one.

It would have been a good bet to snatch up a lot of Betting Domains. Did you see that Betting Odds. dot com sold for over $430k last year?

Yes, online bookies... hopefully legal ones.

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