Quick image editing

Last Update: April 14, 2016

I will share with you the information, how can you easily edit the images for your posts

imagine, that this is the picture you want to put in your post


And yo want that picture looks like:


Just insert your image in PowerPoint presentation, and then click the tab

choose the format, go to "save as.."

and here it is!!!

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Gabriella888 Premium
Hi Bora - In 6 months you have been on a tear up the rankings. Well done. Love the images in your profile, and learned from your Power Point presentation. Good luck on your journey. And, thank you.
subra Premium
Thanks Bora and commentators. Appreciate the reminder on how useful Powerpoint (or many other utilities & commonly used software can be. Most useful post.
NanMarie Premium
make sure you save it as a .jpg or .png image. If you create something in PowerPoint and group all the elements together then right click > save as a .png image you will maintain the transparent background.
BoraMrdja Premium
Exactly! Only .jpg or .png!
leoemery Premium
Smarty pants - lol - thanks for the share
BoraMrdja Premium