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Last Update: April 05, 2015

Good day to all you W/A folks I am here today to inform all of you about my progress here at W/A,It has been a great learning experience.

A little about myself I am a single 50 year old dad of two beautiful children 11 and 12. I started this journey after much research and found the W/A community and haven’t looked back, I hope to one day be financially set so I can spend more time with my children doing the thingswe enjoy, I know this will take time so I’m here for the long haul. Plan on spending many years here at W/A as you are all wonderful people.

I started here back on February 27 with no idea what I was getting into but since then I have built a wonderful website called Gadgets for men, I have been adding posts answering comments adding pictures and affiliate links this has been frustrating as I have had to apply with Amazon 3 times now and have had to change all my links each time,I’m still waiting on Amazon to approve me it’s been about a week with now email’s from them which is good in a way as they use to get back to me in a couple of days.With that being said I have looked into other affiliate programs aka Commission Junction and Rakuten Affiliate Network, Have been accepted at both within a day.So with being a part of those affiliates I am seriously considering redoing parts of my web site depending on Amazon as I will not reapply with them if they deny me we’ll see what happens.

About my site now, since starting out I have already received over 400 users and 488 sessions with 1197 page views so I am getting returning customers which is a great feeling knowing that I am doing something rite It’s not huge but it is a start I sure it will rise as I continue with my training I am only on course 4 at the moment so I still have a lot to learn.I have created a Facebook account Twitter and Pintrest and have followers on all, again a wonderful feeling. Oh and I have had 103 comments left on my site I also had about 25 spam comments but have since changed my plug in to Antispam bee has been working great no spam.So onto my goals in the next 3 months, I will be trying to double my following each month on my site and my social accounts , the down fall is I work construction and will be going back to work soon 50 to 55 hours a week so that will drastically cut my time spent on my site but I’ll get through it just will take more time but I refuse to give up on this as I know it will all work out in time. In the next 6 months I hope to be finished with my courses and have a sustainable income through my affiliate networks.I hope to become an ambassador here at W/A by helping everybody that I can with the knowledge I have learned here at W/A as I have received a lot following the courses and working with fellow W/A folks.And I want to give a special thank you to Kyle and Carson for doing such a great job making this all possible.And thank you W/A people for answering all my questions so quickly. Well that’s all for now if you would like to see my accomplishes you can by going to my site here it is http://bestelectronicgadgetsformen.comAnd let me know what else I could do to reach my goals.

Best wishes Bob F

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Garden77 Premium
Coongrats on your accomplishments and best of luck with amazon
bobpjabi Premium
I'm going to need it with them thank you