Blood, Sweat & Years

Last Update: June 06, 2017

Prior to joining WA I had been wondering how to improve myself and prepare for retirement which is roughly 15 years down the road. The more I thought about it I began to experiencing that unsettled, restless entrepreneurial energy and started to look for some way to put it to good use.

I really enjoy premium hand rolled cigars (which is my niche) and the fascinating culture that surrounds it. I visited a cigar lounge to pick up a few smokes and relax for a bit. While sitting there I was tempted to ask if they were hiring so I could learn more about the industry. I chickened out because of the 45 minute travel time one way.

When I got back home I looking up the cigar lounges website and noticed they had an affiliate program. I had no idea what a affiliate program was so I started looking up the concept when WA came up in one of the searches. I signed up for the starter membership and then went premium about two weeks later.

I am very impressed with the training and support that is available at WA. In the next few months I want to improve on the basic skills of keywords and content among others to make daily steps to a successful online business.

Like any other business the path to success is not always easy and fun. Blood, sweat & years is how I approach this effort with a realistic view. Bumps and bruises will happen along with elbow grease needed to work toward goals and time to see these efforts produce results.

I am looking forward to getting to know more of you folks in this community and hearing about your success.


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AlexEvans Premium
WE are in the right place Bob, good to meet you some sound advice there, I really like that one blood sweat and years very apt.
BobHammel Premium
Thank you Alexander. It is a lot of work to learn the online marketing system but I am very happy with my decision to join WA about a month ago.

This skill set that WA makes available to us can be put to use in so many different ways. I like that creative flexibility.