Journeying to the mountain top

Last Update: May 06, 2018

Just finished the first level of the WA courses. I am very impressed and now excited to get through some of the other levels and begin the income streams. Kyle and all have put together a very understandable, easy to follow flow for all who enter.

I'm grateful to have found this site, and for all who are participating in it. What a powerful community. Honored to be a part of the group and looking forward to moving up the mountain!

I live in Colorado and the mountains look like the ones above ... its getting warm now but still snowy on the peaks. I feel the adventure is under way for me, and looking forward to the long, arduous journey that is required to get to the top! The view from the top of the mountains is always worth the effort .... let that be an analogy for your WA work. It's a long journey but the rewards are fantastic!

To the top!

Bobby O

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BobbyO Premium
Lol that mountain picture could have been taken in Summit County!
gypsylyn1 Premium
Hello HowardJaros, I want to be a part time RVer someday. We camp some now in an expandable travel trailer. Maybe with this new venture here and when I can retire from Nursing..
HowardJaros Premium
Hi Bobby! Glad to hear WA is all that you hoped for.

I lived in Summit County, CO for 25 years. I am now a full-time RVer and travel the country.