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Last Update: April 24, 2015

Hello friends,

I have been with WA almost a month & I am making progress! I see nice progression not just in my website but in my CONFIDENCE as well!! I need to keep reminding myself to stick to the plan, do my training everyday and get involved. Case in point: I did not do much all week because I was confused and stuck on what to write about. I slowly finished up course 2 and laid low in the community. Yesterday, I got involved and took some time to really work on setting up my website, my google+ account and chatting and exploring some more in the WA community. My rank has jumped from 1,489 to, as of this morning, 964 with 125 followers!! Now that is a MAJOR confidence booster! I feel energized and more confident with each blog I post, new task I learn, & friend I receive. In my first month I have accomplished the following: my site is set up and I own the domain., I am now connected with Google+ and have my site linked as me as the author, along with social media link tabs on my site, ( still deciding on this one) I have published a couple of posts and pages and have completed course # 2 as of a few minutes ago!! I am seeing progress and feeling hopeful!! It is a slow process but I have learned through my 8 years of becoming a fitter, healthier me that anything worth having that will be long lasting takes time, patience and determination along with hard work and DESIRE to have better!! I am looking to be on the first page of Google in the next 3 months and plan to have 100+ readers with some income rolling in by my 6th month. I feel it is doable with some work and patience!

A big shout out to everyone here at WA and a special THANKS to all of you who have encouraged, helped and given me feedback!! I am so forever Grateful!!!! Be Blessed!!

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filbs71 Premium
Brilliant news well done you xxxxx
danbarth87 Premium
Awesome :)