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I am still in my "newbie" state, so am not able to yet create training. But....I wanted to share this. And besides - having it here will make it easy to find next time! So my task was, I wanted to be able to happily blog / post away so that all of my posts appear on the main page so visitors can see what is new BUT I wanted to be able to keep the posts categorized so that they would appear on the Menu (or Page in WordPress speak) that was relevant for that category. Example: One of the page
I have to let everyone know - it has been a very busy and productive month . When I look back over the month, I can say that I am very satisfied with my progress. I've learned so much about what I had been doing wrong for the past 5 years (or so) and how to make just a few minor adjustments to be more effective at marketing online. The education that is available here at wealthy affiliate is clear, ordered and "real". And more important - this is a very positive community and that is HUGE
October 02, 2014
So my plan is to have 2 primary blogs (at least for now). One for my photo journals and one that will help track (and keep me on track) of my journey to wealth. For me, one of the first steps was to define - what is wealth? We all define it a little bit different, right? It's not always about the money (although my hopes are BIG). It's about the flexibility, the freedoms, the work to your schedule, the ability to define direction based on your priorities. Step one, is to define success and
October 1, 2014 - Newbie here. Love it so far for many reasons. One of the biggest is the platform is helping to organize me! I've long been a blogging, internet entrepreneur - not yet successful, but I am quite determined. The wealthy affiliate community and portal has really helped me to keep all of my efforts in one place. The info presented is well organized, has kept me focused (at least so far) and has helped to sequence me. By that I mean that most of my efforts to date have been an