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Last Update: September 13, 2013

My name is Blaine Bird,and I'm building up my website with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.

First off, I CAN'T BELIEVE how far I've come in the few short days I have been using this site... Anyways, I have had my website for about a year now. For about 11 MONTHS I have been doing absolutely nothing with it due to lack of resources and lack knowledge.

So far, (In the past two or three days) I have taken my website from an empty void, to a site filled with loads of info, personality, and a touch of character. I have learned to incorporate blogs onto my site and use keywords to begin ranking my posts and pages, finding a niche thats perfect for me, and most importantly, how to connect with my customers on a personal level, so when traffic does get rolling I won't be the typical internet salesman. (:

In the short time I have been working on my website I have noticed a dramatic increase in my personal happiness. The sky looks bluer, the grass greener, and I seem to have a sense of purpose in the niche that I chose. After all, I chose my passion.

I guess I can say that I am proud of myself for finally investing in myself, and actually seeing progress. I've learned that until you truly believe in yourself, your mind is not fully open to how much you can actually achieve with perserverance.

My plans for these upcoming three months are basically to just have fun with building my website up, keep learning, and aquire more traffic to my site!

In the upcoming six months, I would really like to see frequent visitors to my website because it would really show that they find the content in some way useful to them, and proves that they trust in what I do, and the work that I have put in. Also,some cash flow wouldn't hurt, but I'm positive that will follow with hard work and integrity in what I do.

Blaine Bird

Founder, Nola Vibes

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tommydillard Premium
Nice remake looking good
Rick Jantz Premium
You're doing awesome and your site is looking great. I think you will do well with it, I feel "the vibe" :)