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This picture shows my 2 Australian Cattle Dogs (Luna, left, Bolt right)Since my return to WA on March 2, 2022:I became a Premium Plus MemberI backed up my website,, that was on HostGator and uploaded the zip file backup to my computerI passed the backup file on to Site Support and they loaded it as a siterubix site. Once I determined it looked ok, I moved it to so it is now being hosted on WAI went to GoDaddy where the domain is kept and paid up until 2026 and chang
March 09, 2016
Finally a earned some affiliate marketing money. It's an incredibly small amount but that's not really the point. It just seems like a new beginning which is exactly what I am looking for. Please don't laugh when I tell you the amount, or laugh it's ok. I earned the grand total of $1.00. But you have to start somewhere and I hope it's the beginning of a new trend for me-- making money. Anyway I just wanted to put it out in a post and share my happiness with my WA Family!I hope to really s
Hi everybody I'm finally creating another post! The main purpose of this post is clear up a few areas that I am uncertain on. One of the questions that I have been unable to determine is which plugin is the best choice for Google Analytics? First I thought it was All in One SEO but now I read the blogs here in WA and many people seem to prefer Yoast. So Is one better than the other or is that a matter of opinion? Also if Yoast is the best one what is the name of the plugin that gives you
Hi All,I have an ongoing problem that unfortunately causes met a tremendous amount of grief and stress. I have a whole lot of tasks and learning to do before I make any progress and I can't seem to set priorities because all of it is important. Someone wrote a blog about this several days ago and it really made me want to organize my business stuff and create files, etc. So, I thought that maybe people wouldn’t mind helping me out by suggesting some of the tips and tricks you have found t
January 21, 2016
I just wanted to do a post like Dave does really well and find out what people normally do for their home/landing page. First are the home page and the landing page the same thing?That's another question that I am not sure about but what I wanted to ask is how you start your landing page. Do you have a separate menu item called "Home" and that is where you arrive when you bring up your website? Also what would your "About Me" menu item be? I've seen it first and last and what is considered to
January 02, 2016
I have been in WA since September and this is the first time I have written a post. I have to get used to this so I am determined to start writing posts. I just thought of what to write about. I want to introduce you to my dog Bolt. I enjoyed meeting Shawn's new dog, Cookie so I thought that I would introduce you to Bolt. He is a Queensland Heeler and he's 3 years old.